By Festus Ahon 

ASABA-A political pressure group, Project 23: Sheriff Na Our Matta, Sunday, likened the 2023 Governorship ambition of Rt. Hon Sheriff Oborevwori to a music released by late Bob Marley in 1981, saying “Ain’t no use: No One Can Stop him”.

The group in a statement by its Deputy Chairman, Mr Richard Benin and Secretary, Mr Fred Nohwo, said: “The legendary Bob Nester Marley in 1981, in the album uprising did a beautiful song titled “Ain’t no use…” as captioned above. It was as if, the Delta State of today, a State that was created exactly ten years after his demise, was that which occupies his beautiful mind in the months or years that heralded his eventual demise. 

“To the watchers of political happenings, at least in Delta State, the last couple of months has seen a frenzied attack on the person and perhaps, the office of Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori, the Honorable Speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly, the longest serving individual to ever man this exalted office since the creation of Delta State in 1991. 

“It is important to state, however, that this attack is internally orchestrated and humbly expected as those behind these attacks are well known to all Deltans. This is because, the tall resume of the Honorable Speaker who, in the past five years, has managed the State House of Assembly without a shred of disaffection between the Legislative arm and the executive is intimidating to envious and low achievers within the State. 

“Rather than salute his immense and notable achievements, the political antics of “pull him down syndrome” has been activated by pecking at the enviable foundation of his being. 

“Having read through the vile propaganda from these unscrupulous elements who are only concerned about their stomach infrastructure, we can’t help but appreciate the fact and conclude that they have helped in no small measure in furthering and making the aspiration of the grassroot politician, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori, more visible and acceptable to the people of Delta State. Now, even the deaf and the blind can hear and see through their lies.

“It is quite nauseous with the level of value erosion in the crop of politicians we have these days. Simply because you feel threatened by the wide acceptability of Rt. Hon. Sheriff’s gubernatorial aspirations, you cook up unimaginable stories to assassinate the man’s character, rather than build your own marketability. When and how did we get here? 

“Well, yes, we understand their frustrations. It is painfully difficult to match a man, who rose through the rungs of the political ladder (from Councilor, to Special Adviser to the governor, then member of House of Assembly and currently Speaker of the State House of Assembly) and has served his constituency with unequal selflessness, to become someone of major reckoning, not only within Delta State, but in Nigeria as a whole. Today, he is the National Deputy Chairman of the Conference of Speakers of State Legislatures of Nigeria.

“His selflessness and managerial skills, which has not gone unnoticed, has made the people of Delta State to ask Rt. Hon. Sheriff, to make the state his constituency by becoming their Governor come 2023. 

“How do you equal a man who has served as a community youth leader and while serving in that capacity, made sure his community enjoyed relative peace and security salute? These are the factors that facilitated the construction of the Osubi Airport, that has brought about massive Development to the Osubi community cum Warri in general. That Osubi Airport is there today has his human managerial imprint.

“How do you equal a man who’s managerial antecedents as the helmsman of the Delta State House of Assembly who has surpassed any other Speaker in the history of the State with people, to whom, much is not known and with whom grassroots humanitarian management has never been associated? 

“Suffice to say that Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori’s tenure as Speaker is the most peaceful and stable since the creation of the State. The smooth relationship between the Legislative and Executive arm of government in Delta State for the past five years, has brought about massive development being enjoyed by Deltans today. This is visible in the monumental development ongoing in the entire state.

“Therefore, his personality truly dwarfs any other aspirant contesting for the gubernatorial ticket of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. As a community leader, a counselor, a Legislator cum Speaker, he’s an embodiment of personalities rolled into one being. 

“Delegates of the PDP will not hesitate to vote wisely by voting for him at the primary election come May 23rd. And like Bob Nester Marley noted a decade before the creation of Delta State, it’s ain’t no use, no one can stop him now”.


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