• Alleges freedom of citizens  almost mortgaged.

By Ibrahim Hassan-Wuyo 

The Governor of Bauchi state and Presidential aspirant under the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Senator Bala Muhammed has alleged that Nigeria’s economy has  been shattered completely under the APC government, to the extent that, freedom of the citizens is almost mortgaged.

He said he has all it takes to unite the people of Nigeria and the knowledge and experience required to fix the nation’s economy.

Governor Muhammed was in Kaduna over the weekend where he met  PDP  delegates over the forthcoming national delegate conference of the party and asked them to vote for him.

According to him, the Nigeria’s economy has  been shattered completely under the APC government, to the extent that, freedom of the citizens is almost mortgaged.

The Governor also lamented that, citizens of the country have been divided more than ever before under the present administration, and promised to unite the country if elected the next president.

He said, going by his antecedents and experience as a former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Senator and a serving governor, he is tested and trusted, Hence, should be given the chance to be the next president of the country. 

He  promised that if elected as the president, there are over 10,000 jobs that would  be created and distributed equally, justly and based on competence without any form of favouritism. 

“I was not appointed as FCT Minister because am from Bauchi or I’m Hausa/Fulani, I was there because the President reciprocated my good gesture and made me a minister. In doing that I learnt so much in the FCT.”

“We deployed our competence, knowledge and understanding of the country because that is the seat of diversity, that is where everybody identifies with. We formed a government of unity in the FCT quietly without arrogance. We secured the territory ,connected very well. We closed the infrastructure gap, we brought water, health and education with little resources; our schools and hospitals in term of quality delivery, service delivery were at per with the private sector because we brought the best in terms of diagnostics equipments”.

“We hired over 22 consultants, in our schools, we built more schools to encourage enrollment because of the demography of people who come to the city, we built airport road, did the Kubwa road, and we encouraged private sector with ease of doing business. We brought the best from all the sections, our recruitments recognized our diversity and competence.”

“Whatever we did in Abuja and Bauchi has a human face so it can be seen by the people. I have gathered knowledge and experience i have a full knowledge of our diversity. We need to restructure our country”, he said.


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