2023: Islamic preachers council backs Southern Presidency

…A time for a deep reflection to achieve greatness via justice, fairness

By Fabian Nworah

It is with great concern and deep sense of responsibility that I present this short article to the Nigerian political elite, stakeholders, and the world in general regarding the forthcoming 2023 elections and the need for fairness, equity, and justice to secure the state of Nigeria.

It is clear to all and sundry that Nigeria is presently at the edge of the precipice in terms of her economic, social, political, and ethno-religious positions. We must also bear in mind that the last EndSARS episode in Nigeria indicated the precipitous and precarious nature of the Nigerian Republic which must be handled with great caution. My 2020 widely publicised article titled “EndSARS Protects: Nigeria’s Debacle or Golden Opportunity to Attain Greatness” clearly expounded the precarious nature of the Nigerian Republic.

Nigeria is on the march again to choose a new leader come February 2023. It is also time to campaign for elective positions at all levels. However, the pertinent issue before Nigerians now is who would lead the country come 2023? There have been various permutations regarding various aspirants from the North and the South regarding who would lead the country. These permutations are all gearing towards overheating the polity and putting the country in a precarious position. There is no doubt of the availability of eminent Nigerians from the North or South with limitless resources and capabilities that can occupy the position of the president of Nigeria in 2023, however, I want to use this opportunity to call on all political stakeholders to give peace a chance. Nigeria is not a “fool’s paradise.”

The only way we can all move this country forward is allowing equity, fairness, and justice to thrive. It is clear that no one man’s ambition is larger than the collective interests of all Nigerians and friends of Nigeria worldwide. Let the truth be told, this is the last hope for Nigeria: A time for a deep reflection to achieve greatness. Let us be aware, that we can all avert this impending crisis, by ensuring that our own kind of democracy, moulded on our own diversity and peculiarities, are allowed to progress. We must allow our democracy to thrive based on justice, equity, and fairness.

It is with great pleasure that I implore all political leaders in Nigeria to give peace a chance and allow a president of Igbo extraction to lead this country, Nigeria, come 2023. I strongly advise that the key political parties, APC and PDP should honour their commitments and zone their presidential candidates to the South-East of Nigeria with a view to select a right candidate based on competence and capacity. We have done it before in Nigeria and we can do it again to safeguard our fragile democracy and avoid hot rain befalling on us.

We must build a country first. Let us give peace a chance and develop this country. Nigeria is a country filled with abundant milk and honey, a country of limitless possibilities and obviously the envy of other countries of the world. You will never appreciate what you have until you lose it. Let us make hay while the sun shines. Remember, nobody can build your country for you, it is our collective responsibility to build the Nigeria of our dreams, for the interests of all Nigerians, and for everyone and for generations yet unborn.

Mr. Fabian Chukwuemeka Nworah (Odum), Senior Partner, Rockstone Law Solicitors, London, UK, wrote from London.


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