…regionalise and devolve powers

Dayo Johnson Akure

A Presidential aspirant of the Peoples Democratic (PDP), Dr Nwachukwu Anakwenze, has promised to restructure the country into a true and balanced federation, regionalise and also devolve powers if elected.

Anakwenze equally said that his administration will eliminate corruption and develop real security throughout Nigeria.

The Director-General of the Nwachukwu Anakwenze Campaign Organisation, Chief Eric Oluwole, said in a statement made available to Vanguard that if elected President in 2023, he would embark on restructuring the country into a true and balanced federation, with powers properly devolved from the centre to the component regions

Nigeria, the United States-trained medical doctor said “needs a new constitution and restructuring to progress as one entity.

Anakwenze promised to adequately give attention to youth and women’s development and economic empowerment; make the schools safe and overhaul the education system, and create a Nigeria that would enjoy uninterrupted power supply and renewable energy.

On job creation, the aspirant promised to develop a world standard health care system; revive agriculture; steer the country towards a rapid industrial revolution; develop tourism to improve Nigeria’s image.

Anakwenze said: “Our agenda is, we want true democracy in Nigeria beginning with freedom for fellow Nigerians and by extension, Africa, as a whole; a Nigeria where the various ethnic groups feel that they have a stake in the future of the country.

“We envision a Nigeria where leadership is based on merit; hard work, fairness for all and accountability the measure of our national character.

” We want a Nigeria where the majority’s right is balanced with the minority’s right. Nigerians should believe in healthy competitive excellence which is the hallmark of great nations.

“Let’s make our children superstars through competitions and excellence with the rest of the world. Our children are equal to the task of making Nigeria great.

“Nigerian children in America rank between one to five per cent in academics or job performance. Our children are equal to the task. They only need our support and encouragement.

“We will steer the country towards rapid industrial revolution. We will embark on sustainable energy development through public-private partnership (PPP) to rural, small-scale and large-scale industries. Nigeria needs to stop being a consumer of products only. We need to be producers and manufacturers of products as well.”

Anakwenze said he recorded major breakthrough with delegates from the South West in all the six Southwest states of Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Ondo, and Ekiti states, “after a serious engagement with the delegates in the region.”

During his final tour after meeting with some of the delegates in Ibadan, the region’s political capital, the aspirant sought their support by voting en masse for him at the party’s forthcoming convention in Abuja.

Anakwenze said that he “is ready to change the country into a new Nigeria” with his 12-point agenda which promises to restructure Nigeria into a true and balanced federation, regionalise and devolve powers expressed in a new constitution if elected.

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