HRM Owoupele Danladi Foubiri, MD, Ph.D (Urology)
(Centre), Pa Meguvwereyo Adjunuwhe (3rd left), Chief
Julius Ovogbero (2nd left), Chief Obafako (left), Chief Dame
Gladys Ojewa (3rd right), Chief Young Okpako and Chief
Egbe shortly after the ceremony

By Chancel Sunday

Newly crowned Ebenana-owei of Tarakiri Kingdom in Patani Local Government Area of Delta State, HRM Owoupele Danladi Foubiri, has conferred the chieftaincy title, Amaebiatunemiowei on a centenarian, Pa Meguvwereyo Adjunuwhe, the Odion of Odorubu community, who is one hundred and twenty years old.

Others who also received various traditional titles, yesterday, were Chief Julius Ovogbero, Chief Young Okpako and Chief Dame Gladys Ojewa, all from Odorubu community of the kingdom.

Foubiri, recipients to maintain peace in their various communities.

He said: “From today, you’re chiefs of Tarakiri Kingdom in Delta State, I advise you to abide by the norms of the kingdom, maintain peace and live together as one in your communities.

In his response, Pa Adjunuwhe, who was conferred with the title, Amaebiatunemiowei (He who knows the secret of a community’s wellbeing) of Tarakiri Kingdom, said: “really, God ordained you as our king, the title you gave to me, I’m carrying it home and may you live long and may the kingdom prospers.


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