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What is the Time Value of Money?
Money and Time are very important concepts of finance and business. This blog explained carefully how money actually has a time value and it also provides you with a calculation format to determine whether to lend out your money or invest your money. It also guides you in figuring out whether it is better for you to accept your money today or sometime in the future. You would also be introduced to the formula for calculating the present value and future value of money. To read more on this post, click here.

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What is the Benefit of Having a Corporate Account for your Business?
A lot of people make use of their personal savings account to run their business(es), pay employees, and carry out commercial activities day in, day out and hence miss the so many opportunities of actually owning a corporate account for your business. There are so many benefits to owning a corporate account such as boosting investment opportunities, simplified tax returns, it gives your business a professional outlook, protects you and your business from legal cases and so much more, this blog post also covers the what to consider when opening a corporate bank account. If you are running a business and you are still unsure as to why you need a corporate account. I strongly believe you should check out this amazing blog post by click here.

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Is Farming a Lucrative Business in Nigeria?
It is high time Farming is taken seriously in Nigeria as I believe there can never be enough food in Nigeria. Nigeria’s population is ever growing and food is one of the basic amenities of human beings. As such mechanized and commercialized farming could be one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria. In this blog post from Nicholas Idoko, it specified how agriculture contributed to just 5% of the global GDP in 2020. The blog also goes in detail on the analysis for rice, cassava, poultry, beans farming, etc. Click here to read the full blog post on this business read.

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Why is the US Dollar the Global Currency?
A bunch of us have always wondered why everything is always compared to the US dollars, we know inflation is rising when the Naira devalues as compared to the US dollar or when a cryptocurrency is falling by its comparison to the US dollar. It is of no denial that the United States have single handledly made their currency the no 1 currency in the world. Why is this so? I believe this blog post provided a reasonable reason as to how this occurred, the history of when dollar was pegged to gold and later removed by President Nixon of the United States of America and now the US dollar can be seen as an asset in the financial markets. For a more clearer read and well detailed overview, kindly click here for the full blog post.

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The Difference Between Good Debt and Bad Debt
A lot of us see debt as a bad thing, something to run away from and try to pay off immediately if we have any. However, most of the richest people and countries in the world are in debt. Therefore, not all debt is bad. Infact most debts are good if you know what you are doing. For Example: Mortgages, Business Loans, Education are all good debts where as Car Loans, Credit Cards, Clothes and Consumables are all bad debts. This blog post would greatly help you distinguish between a good debt and a bad debt and equip you with the information you need going forward in your business adventure. To read the well-detailed post, click here.

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Saving vs Investing: Is one more important than the other?
There has been a lot of debate around this topic worldwide and so many experts have relayed their thoughts from both angles. Personally, the decision to save or invest relies on the particular individual seeking the information. However, it is always best to have the complete information on both sides before you make your decision. Inflation has always giving the act of saving money a bad reputation. For every passing year the cost of goods and services increases and as a result the worth of your money saved gets lower and lower. On the other hand if you invest in the wrong commodity, you might lose your entire money. This blog post did justice in laying out the key difference between saving and investing and I strongly recommend you give it a read, click here to do so.

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What Does it Mean to be Financially Free?
Financial Freedom is a quest sought after by so many people in this world. It has generated a lot of gurus and everyone claims to know the secret to financial freedom. So many ponzi schemes rely and convey the message of financial freedom to entrap their customers. It is one of the most searched phrases on Google and it is actually achieved by very few people. In this blog post from Nicholas Idoko, carefully explains what it truly means to be financially free. The difference between being financially free and financially independent. Also detailed tips on how to be financially free are stated on the blog post as well. I would definitely not want to spoil an amazing read for you. Therefore, click here to go and read this well put-together article.

Business Read 8
Real Estate: The Safest Way To Invest!
Have you ever wondered why real estate is the only economical sector that has produced the most millionaires? It is actually a valid question. You can research on it and you would be amazed with your findings. Like most real estate agents say, the land on earth is limited and anything that is limited has value. However, real estate is not just about land acquisition, it can also be about the development of properties such as hotel chains, accommodations, stadiums, office buildings, airports and seaports, and so much more. Real estate investments when done right almost always guarantees you a profit and return on investment. It is less volatile and enjoy a number of governmental benefits such as tax benefits and it can serve as a regular source of cash flow. Click here to read more on why real estate is the safest way to invest.

Business Read 9
What Makes A Country Wealthy?
It is of no news that Nigeria is a country filled with both human and natural resources. However, Nigeria as a whole is not a wealthy country. Infact, Nigeria is one of the poorest nations with about 70 million people living in extreme poverty according to Business Insider. Countries like Dubai, UAE, Singapore were once very poor nations but have managed to turn things around is now one of the wealthiest nations in the world. So what actually makes a country wealthy? Why are some countries successful in building strong institutions and others fail? How can a country build wealth? Why haven’t all countries adopted policies that build good institutions? What makes some countries wealthy and others poor? These are questions answered in this blog post and I would highly encourage you to read this article by clicking here. You would surely be enlightened one way or the other.

Business Read 10
Who is a Finance Broker?
With the rise of the internet fewer people are getting to know who a finance broker actually is and what they do in the society. Most wealthy people do have a finance broker, some actually have multiple finance brokers. Therefore, there is a crucial reason as to why this is so. The internet has made it possible for anyone of a legal age to participate in the trading of commodities in the stock market with their phone. This was one of the major functions of a finance broker in the past. However there are still needs for a finance broker in so many ways today. There are various types of finance brokers such as: stockbrokers, forex brokers, full-service brokers, discount brokers, mortgage banks, etc and they all carry out different functions. This article tells you what being a finance broker entails, the history and types of finance brokers. Click here to read more.

Business Read 11
Risks and Rewards of Running a Startup
According to Forbes, 90% of startups fail. There are a lot of publications on the failure of startups which makes sense because a lot of startups eventually fail. However, there are still some rewards to running a startup such as: freedom and flexibility, growth, huge financial gains and valuable relationships built along the way. There are definitely cons as well and this article carefully states the pros (rewards) and cons (risks) of running a startup, as well a brief understanding of a startup. Click here to read more.

Business Read 12
The Role of Angel Investors in Startups
What does it actually mean to be an angel investor? Are there types of angel investors? What is the function of an angel investor? What are the pros and cons of having an angel investor in your startup? These are the various questions answered in this article. Not all startups need an angel investor. However, most startups require an angel investor and this article carefully gives you an overall outlook on the roles played by angel investors in a company or startup. Click here to read the article in full.

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