April 27, 2022

Why we ‘ve low quality graduates in Nigeria

By Haruna Aliyu, Birnin Kebbi

 An astute author in Kebbi state Hajia Maimuna M Bala has given reason most  Nigerian graduates from various higher institutions are low quality.

The author who argued that digital literacy is already taking tool on education in the country as many graduates are mere owners of certificates not owners of education opined: “we have abandoned books and embraced the internet, I challenge those using the net to pin point work that is not from an author, so if no one writes, what will anyone read even on the net.

She stressed that, the solution to quality education is to go back to the basics which is the reading culture because that is the missing link between quality graduates and half baked graduates who only parades certificates not knowledge.

Buttressing further Bala said a high profile Nigerian once said that Nigerian graduates are not employable simply because the knowledge is not there.

While congratulating authors across the country on world book day she insisted that reading culture is key to quality education and high quality graduates who reads and assimilate and pass same from generations to generations.