•Hubby allegedly hit her on the chest —Deceased’s elder sister

ELDER sister to the late gospel music artiste, Osinachi Nwachukwu,who died last week of alleged cancer of the throat, Ms Favour Madu, has claimed that her sister might not have died of cancer but complications from domestic voilence.

She also alleged that her sister went through domestic voilence, which resulted in her getting a kick on the chest by her husband.

According to her, it was that kick that led to the cluster of blood in her chest, which a doctor allegedly confessed led to her death.

We heard it was cancer that killed Osinachi?

She may not have died of cancer. My sister had series of domestic issues with her husband.
Someone told us that she had a fight with her husband and he kicked her on the chest, took her to the hospital, and she never returned.

Before now, we told her to come out of the marriage, after we discovered she was going through harrowing times in the marriage but she wouldnt take any of that because, according to her, divorce was against her faith.

We told her that they are not divorcing, that it’s just separation but she felt that God is against divorce.

We told her that separation is not a sin but just for her to stay alive and take care of her children. She will always tell us to relax that the man will change.

Even on the latest brawl that took her life, she didnt also tell us. It was her friend who lives in Ebonyi State that called her twin sister, because Osinachi has a twin sister, to ask, if she was aware that her husband kicked her on the chest?

It was after this information that we asked the doctor what killed our sister and he confessed that there were clusters of blood on her chest. Unfortunately, they did not tell the doctor that she was kicked on the chest. Maybe, the doctor could have known what to do to save her life.

Did you forsee this ugly scenario?

Well, each time we talked to her, she will be pleading for peace and if we move to act, she will tell us no, that we should calm down.

Where was your sister residing and how many children did she have? Also, where is her husband now?

My late sister, Osinachi was living in Abuja with her husband and four children, three boys and one girl. My younger brother who had gone to see the children said the husband was arrested late Sunday night .

My brother said the children were so happy to see him and requestedto be taken to see their grandmother (my mother). That paints a picture of children subjected to trauma for a long time.

Have you people confronted her husband before now?

Osinachi’s twin sister did once. But, our in-law boastedthat if she was not careful, he will seperate his wife from her to prove that their being twins does not mean she will interfere into his family affairs. He doesn’t allow us to come near Osinachi. Since Osinachi got married to him, she has never visited our village, Isuochi in Abia State.
She only visited our village when our father died in 2017.

There was a story that even the day they were coming for my father’s burial, Osinachi cautioned him about his rough driving, but instead of taking caution, he turned voilent and slapped her. My little sister, the second to our last born who was with them in the car told us the story.

What kind of person was Osinachi?

Osinachi has a very soft heart. Even her twin sister is more courageous than her. When her twin sister visited her in her sick bed in the hospital, the husband didn’t allow her to stay with Osinachi. Then Osinachi started begging the husband to allow her sister to stay because she was passing through heart pain, the man refused. He ordered her out of the hospital. Osinachi then begged the sister to leave for peace to reign.

Where does Osinachi’s husband come from and what does he do?

He is from Nnewi in Anambra State. He doesn’t have any known job. He practically lives off my late sister.

I learnt he is your sister’s manager?

Yes, he acts as one. If my sister is booked for a program, the money charged for the program is paid into his account. He is the one that will negotiate the price. All monies were paid into his account and my sister will be left with little or nothing.

This was somebody that God had lifted up. He feels that we have nobody because our first son is late; he died before my father died in 2017. So, he believes that the only brother I have cannot do anything because he is young. He feels we have nobody to speak for us.

He had told us before that the only thing we can inherit is Osinachi’s dead body. Maybe, he has fulfilled his promise.

How did you get the information about your sister’s death?

When my sister died, he didn’t tell us It was other people that told us about her death. It was one of her friends she contacted to cook jollof rice that called Osinachi’s twin sister to ask if she had heard anything. She said that the time she got to that hospital, she didn’t see Osinachi on her bed. The man did not tell us. Then, when we put a call across to him, he didn’t pick it until around 8pm, he started calling my brother.

Meanwhile, we were told that she died in the afternoon but we got the news from other people around 5pm. Around 8pm, he then called my mother and my brother that he had never allowed to visit them. He causally told them that his wife is dead, that my brother should come. My brother, in return, asked him if it’s now he recognises him as a brother-in-law?

What’s your mother saying right now?

She only wants to see her grandchildren since her daughter is already gone. The children have been longing to come but their father had never allowed them. The children do not know their mother’s village except when my father died. Even if my sister had a programme in Enugu where we live, her flight is always booked back to Abuja the same day.

He doesn’t allow her to come to our house. My mother did not do Omugwo, on any of Osinachi’s four children when they were born. In fact, when Osinachi had her second child, she called me to inform that this man wanted to kill her. I went there to bring her home.

After some time, he came with some people to plead and was forgiven. But, after that incident, I don’t know what he did to my sister that whatever he does to her, she never informed us again. Instead,she preferred to tell outsiders.

The picture you’re painting about this man is scary. How did Osinachi meet him?

It was where they went for a programme. He saw how my sister was ministering and fell in love with her.

Soon after, they got married and started producing wonderful children. Even with all the abundant blesssings my sister was endowed with, this man never appreciated.

He enslaved her, cowed her, imprisoned her and milked her wealth.
Now, she is dead, I am so sad.

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