Nigerians on Twitter have reacted to a man’s sinister plan for his ex-girlfriend, who rejected him five years ago.

The Nigerian man with username @furniture_mac revealed that the lady was his best friend who he shared mutual likeness with.

But she rejected him and went on to date a guy who was traveling to Dubai the following month.

The lady is said to be wooing him again after he posted pictures of his vacation to Dubai.
Therefore, he plans to break up with her during her August birthday party after making her fall deeply in love with him.

Following the post, people are worried. Some said she might see the post. But @furniture_mac said she’s too hungry to use Twitter.

Below are some reactions:

@kallme_oga: “Go to her house, do one small introduction, tell the parent u want to renovate thier house, remove the roof…off u disappear to never reappear there again.
“NOTE: Do that between June and July wen d rains are heavy.”

@DanielRegha: “A girl turning u down for whatever reason shouldn’t be a big deal; Stop feeling entitled. Man-up, learn from the experience and move on respectfully.
“Planning to revenge on her is a waste of time. There will be repercussions if u do. Invest ur time in someone deserving of ur love.”

@jbenie3: “What if she sees this tweet”

@A_Abby_Abi: “You’ll probably not listen to this advice but there’s no point doing this.
“She refused to date you and you were hurt. A perfect payback will be to ignore her.

“You doing this shows you’ve not moved on plus you will be wasting money, energy & time on someone who isn’t worth it.”

@yousouph42: “Do not lay with a woman that took you for granted in the past. Sleeping with her is not a payback.
“In fact, you are lowering yourself doing that. Sex is not a punishment for a woman.
“Instead, if you want to get back still, “friend zone” her. Let her see the good life that she missed.”


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