April 13, 2022

Should I tell his parents he is an addict?

Dear Bunmi,

My boyfriend lives in one of his father’s flats and his parents are quite well off. They give him cash whenever he needs it, but they don’t know he uses the money to buy hard drugs. He doesn’t even feel guilty – he just sees their generosity as a bonus.

I’ve tried to talk him out of his drug abuse and it really upsets me that he’s using his parents like this, as they’re such nice people. I have a good mind of going to see them as we have a good rapport.


If I tell them about this drug thing, wouldn’t I be betraying his trust?

Comfort, by e-mail.

Dear Comfort,

I think there is a bigger issue here. If you really care about your boyfriend, you wouldn’t want him to be messing up his life by taking drugs. You’d do whatever it takes to help him off them. By telling his parents, you’ll get them involved in helping him recover.

Remember that everyday he’s killing himself. So, take your courage and see his parents because it is the right choice in helping him get off the nasty habit. For all you know, they might have their suspicion, and your intervention might result in their taking necessary action to save their son.

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