April 28, 2022

‘Ridiculous’: Outburst over Samsung’s 2am running advert

‘Ridiculous’: Outburst over Samsung’s 2am running advert

By Rasheed Sobowale

There were outbursts on Thursday over an advert by phone manufacturer, Samsung, with claims that it portrays an event which is unsafe for women.

The advert titled Night Owls shows a sporty woman getting up at 02:00 am to go for a run through the streets of a city alone.

Raising concerns about how such a time is not ideal for women to run on the street, Esther Newman, editor of Women’s Running magazine and podcast, says this advert is “not representing the truth”.

In a similar comment, a Twitter user, @kyochoi, said; “As a regular runner, no way in hell I’d run at 2am. Samsung 2am running advert is ‘not representing the truth’ for women”.

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Querying the employment diversity in the company, @InCockKneeToe, said; “The Samsung advert with a woman running at night through a city saying she does things her way is really rather naive and optimistic but I guess if the male Samsung executives think it’s ok, then I guess it must be?”

Meanwhile, at 46 seconds of the advert, a young friendly guy on a bike was introduced in the advert trying to get the attention of the lady. The Night Owl however keeps a watchful eye over her as she continues her run across the streets.

In her reaction, a feminist with the username, @runteachtravel, said; “Sorry Samsung but when a woman is wearing headphones running at night & a bike pulls up next to her she doesn’t smile, relaxed. Ridiculous advert. Unfortunately, we do not own the night, the real world for female runners at night is quite different”.

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