Having been mentored, tutored and trained by her spiritual father, the late Prophet T.B Joshua, talented gospel music singer and minister, Prophetess Anne has launched her full time music ministry with the release of her debut album titled ‘Refreshing Worship’. In this exclusive interview, she reveals how late Prophet T.B Joshua inspired the album and more.

Is this your debut album?

Yes it is.

What inspired ‘Refreshing Worship’ album?

Prophet T.B Joshua inspired this album; because his life was an epitome of grace. He was a man that was very humble to the core and through the experiences and training the messages of hope I received from him, those messages, those words of knowledge have groomed me to be the person I’m today; to be a compassionate person, to always allow the compassion of Jesus to always check my passion. That means I must always have a heart for those who are in need, because I must always remember that even if I ride on a horse, I must always remember those who cannot afford a donkey.

No matter the level I’m, somebody is praying to be like me, so I must always have that in mind because that was his major character. To give to the needy, to take care of those less privileged, the poor people. That is why the first song on my album is titled ‘Give your love’, which is all about the legacy of the man of God (Prophet T.B Joshua). His legacy is not about the building structure, we are his legacy, because he poured his knowledge, his experience, his joy, his wisdom, his pain; he shared it with us before his passing. So I feel the only way I can honor him is with my first album, to honor the life he led and his legacy.

So, everything in that song depicts his kind of legacy, to give to the needy, to help those in need, to heal the sick in the name of Jesus because he says I am not the healer I know the healer. Our faith must not take a day off. The bible says “a break in faith is a break in prayer” and prayer is not about saying words, it is about praying prayer.

Your heart is the communication point, so at every moment in time you must always be a man of prayer because Satan is always looking for whom to devour. So there’s no particular space or time for prayer. Remember nature does not have an empty space. This heart is never free. It’s either we are thinking faith or thinking doubt the next minute so that is why the heart must always be in constant communication with God through meditation of prayer.

You mentioned that you intend to reach out to the needy. How exactly do you intend to reach out to them?

The album is being launched and it means the CDs are going to be given out for free, there will be gifts given out, so in turn you give what the Lord puts in your heart to support the album. We are not asking people to pay this or pay that.

Everybody is receiving it for free but when you receive it, listen to the music and let the word of the music speak to your heart to say okay I want to bless Prophetess Anne with five naira, which is more than enough. Whatever the Lord has put in your heart to bless me with is more than enough. It will go a long way to help those who are in need, those who are challenged, and those who are physically oppressed.

Before this album, did you have a music background?

Yes, actually I was in the church choir of the Synagogue church. I was there for like 28 years, so I was basically from the Sunday school of the church and I became an evangelist by grace and from there I became a choir director to music director. T.B Joshua had this gift of writing music, all his messages he will draft out compositions and the Lord will give us the melody. So it was like he always says “We are a team, you plant I water”. So he would write the words and the spirit of God would give us the melody to the words and it would fit perfectly.

That was how that began to develop to the extent that now I could write my own and I receive the melody at the same time, so it’s a big grace and I don’t want to be lazy about it. So I really have to be disciplined and I have to be humble and always remember that where I am is by grace. I could lose it in a second because it’s not everyone that has the gift of composition or writing music, so I really appreciate that.

Is this album going to be a one off thing or a continuous one?

By the grace of God it will be a continuous thing. My faith does not take a day off, so I will do all I can. Prophet T.B Joshua would say “Do everything to protect your focus” this is my focus. This is how I want to be. I don’t just want to go out there and minister and entertain or be sensational; I want the power of God to be seen. I want people to respect worship, like when you really want to worship you know that you are entering into prayer.

There are some people who basically don’t even know how to say words of prayer but when they sing they feel something has touched them. So it’s not about teaching people to say this or say that, pray this or pray that. Even in worship, let them see the sign that God is alive, that is where my message is. So my ministry is not going to be just entertainment, I want people to come and see the power of God and say “Wow! So I can sing to God and God will touch me. Yes it can happen.

What were the challenges you encountered when putting this album together?

I had emotional challenges. Yes, we are all humans. The passing of Prophet T.B Joshua was at the same time. As a human being, somebody you love so much passes away, even though you are spiritually grounded, you still have your weak points. If you are not strong it can either weigh you down or put you into depression.

But I never allowed that because I know the man of God was a man who stood up to challenges; even in the midst of challenges he will still pray for people. Remember when the building collapsed that Sunday? Everybody expected that he would not come out but nobody can stop the work of the Father. If God has called you to work for Him, you must soldier on. It happened to the Apostles of old, so that experience taught us a great lesson.

T.B Joshua held fast to the confession of faith and till today he’s still standing. So when those things happened, at a point I was emotionally down, I won’t say I couldn’t pray, because I’m a woman of faith but it was not with the zeal I had then.

One day, I just reflected and I said I’m not an unbeliever God give me strength. I prayed that prayer and strength came and I had a revelation and the prophet told me “please can you go and continue your songs and stop being depressed” and that was it. It was like deliverance; and from then on the melodies just started coming and I started writing. I took my notes and bibles and I started writing my songs, and from there I said “I have started writing no going back” and I forged on and today I am strengthened.

You seem to have drawn a lot of inspiration from the late T.B Joshua. What would you say is the most valuable thing you learnt from him before his demise?

Discipline, he was a very disciplined man. If I have to be sincere with you I come from a family of eight and I’m the last born. You can see how spoilt I will be. I’m a very open person but I don’t look it. That’s the way T.B Joshua was. If you saw him, or met him one on one he’s very open but people don’t know, they just criticize what they think they know and want to destroy it. I knew I had a gift of singing but I never thought of it as a career because I studied Philosophy at Ogun State University.

I’m not on the streets but he made me realize that you can have education but that is not your area because you have this gift and God will use your gift to meet the needs of people. So he trained me, because if you are staying with a prophet and you cannot tolerate discipline, then of cause you will not be able to stay with him. The bible says “Rebellion is as bad as witchcraft”, so, what can I say?

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