April 12, 2022

Own a plot of land in a Luxury estate in Lagos with Just 1million Naira._ Legit Realtors Network.

Own a plot of land in a Luxury estate in Lagos with Just 1million Naira._ Legit Realtors Network.

Everyone wants to live in a beautiful and secured estate.

Today apartments located in beautiful and secured Estates in Lagos will costs 25-50% extra or even more to rent, yet such properties don’t last a month after they have been put up for rent, in fact they are not even enough.

The point? It’s really a great deal, owning properties located in well planned and secured estate, because they are in high demand,and owner’s of such properties are enjoying a very high rental income.

It is Also very understandable that it is expensive to buy land and build in a well planned and secured estate, but the benefits are far greater than the cost.

But here comes an opportunity to own a property in not just a well planned and secured estate, but a luxury one in Lagos without having to pay too much.

Last month, An estate known as The Golden Palace Estate was launched by ONE LEGIT PROPERTIES AND INVESTMENT LTD, A real estate company in Lagos.

They are giving you this once in a lifetime opportunity to own a plot of land in their proposed Luxury estate known as The Golden Palace, with just one million naira initial Deposit.

Introducing the Golden Palace Estate

This is a mini estate designed for lovers of luxury, yet it is affordable.

Here, We will bring amazing landscape and classy architectural designs.

In the Golden Palace Estate, we’ll Create the same luxury, and environment you’ll find abroad.

Why? Because very soon we’ll be having a lot of foreigners working in Ibeju Lekki, and they definitely will want to live in a very secured estate in Epe instead of Ibeju lekki which will be very crowded because of the Dangote refinery, deep sea port, Dangote fertilizer projects. Ibeju lekki will be like Apapa in Lagos State.

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No doubt, people will prefer to live in Epe, while they Go to work in Ibeju lekki.

Already, the Lagos state government is working seriously to develop Epe local government and the development is running very fast.

The Government is currently building a new highway with BRT lanes from Ibeju Lekki to Epe, because they know a lot of foreign workers will be living there.

So the Golden Palace estate will provide a comfortable environment that people will desire to live in.

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Buying a plot of land here, now will give you the opportunity to either resale later at a very high price, or build apartments and enjoy high rental income.

So, Even if you don’t want to live in Epe, come and buy a plot of land now, in the Golden palace Estate you can sell later to those who will be in need of it, trust me you’re going to cash out real Big!!

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Obviously, epe is almost fully developed.

Very soon properties Will no longer be affordable.

What are you waiting for?

This is a great investment opportunity, don’t miss out.

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