April 12, 2022

Osborn Nweze Umahi: Philanthropic giant with vision to raise $1bn for humanity

Osborn Nweze Umahi: Philanthropic giant with vision to raise $1bn for humanity

Who is Osborn Nweze Umahi? The name continues to ring a bell and the reason is not far-fetched.

In just a few years, Osborn Nweze Umahi has become one of the leading young Nigerians known for their genuine efforts to impact the lives of the less privileged. Osborn Nweze Umahi is the son of Dave Umahi, Governor of Ebonyi State, Osborn’s philanthropy has come as a surprise to many, given that his peers are associated with ostentatious undertakings.

Osborn, unlike others, had combined noble undertakings with his professional responsibilities. Despite working silently, his feats have put him in public spotlight thereby leading to increased public interest in knowing more about the silent entrepreneur-cum-philanthropist.

Osborn Nweze Umahi is a graduate of Surrey University and a trained civil engineer who is following his father’s professional footsteps. He had decidedly followed a path less traveled by scions of political juggernauts and has so far been making giant strides.

Earlier in the year, his Osborn Foundation helped to enroll 50 Street children in secondary schools across Ebonyi State. Similarly, in the far north, in Kano State, he donated books and writing materials to a school.

A further evidence of his passion for positive contribution to humanity, was his recent declaration of his intention of raising $1 billion for humanitarian works.

Making the disclosure via social media, he wrote: “This time, I’m not not leaving Dubai till I raise 1 billion USD for my fund & charity. Fund raising meetings only.”

Osborne Nweze, who bagged his first degree from Surrey University at the age of 21 and also earned a Master’s in Finance from Aberdeen University, has been managing Brass Oil and Construction Limited, a double-faceted company that specializes in road and bridges construction and also operates in the oil and gas sector with multiple fuel stations across Nigeria.

In addition, he also manages the family’s hotel chain, including The Osborn Hotel, Royal Hotel and Apartment Resorts in Ebonyi, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Lagos.

Speaking further about his ambition to raise $1 billion for humanitarian work, the high-flying entrepreneur, also the current Director of Finance at Forte GCC Innovative Solutions, affirmed he is driven by the desire to become an example to the next generation.
“I believe the most important investment you can make above every other thing, is your investment into the lives of people,” he avowed.