April 27, 2022

No crack in Northern Elders Forum, we’re loyal to Ango Abdullahi – Baba Ahmed

2023 Presidency

Hakeem Baba-Ahmed

By Ibrahim Hassan-Wuyo

There has never been a crack in the Northern Elders Forum ( NEF) as members are loyal to Prof. Ango Abdullahi, spokesman of NEF, Dr.Hakeem Baba-Ahmed has said.

He spoke against the backdrop of  the press statement he issued after NEF’s endorsement of the PDP consensus candidates.

He said the statement has the consent and blessings of their leader, Prof. Ango Abdullahi.

Speaking  during an event organised by the Nigerian Labour Congress in Kaduna on Wednesday,he said “I  did not go against our leader who we hold in high esteem. First of all that statement I issued was his statement. I don’t have authority to release a statement.


” We are loyal to him. What he did on the consensus was a good thing. What he wanted to do is very clear. He did what he did as Professor Ango Abdullahi and not as a convener or Chairman of the Northern Elders Forum (NEF) “

‘ But we are not against him. He’s a highly respected Nigerian. He’s a committed to good governance. We are loyal to him.”

“There’s has never been a crack in the Northern Elders Forum and there will never be a crack. Our leader is Professor Ango Abdullahi. He is respected”

Speaking further; he said that “what is happening in the country in the last decades is, we elect poor leaders. I think it’s not their fault but also our fault too.”

“Something is wrong with us as a country, we don’t elect good leaders who cares about the country instead we elect leaders who only care about themselves.”

‘Nigerians have to be careful either we elect good leaders in 2023 or those who will come will be worse than the present crop of leaders,” he said.

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