Dr. Daniel Chidubem Gbujie

By Chris Onuoha

A Nigerian, Dr. Daniel Chidubem Gbujie has received the prestigious global Environmental Climate Justice Award for his outstanding accomplishments inspired by transformational changes over the years in socio-political, environmental climate justice, technology, and entertainment.

The event held on April 22, 2022 in New York was by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP),’s Mid-Manhattan Branch; the largest civil rights organization established over 113 years ago to advocate for the socio-economic and political rights of people of color.

The Awards for 2022 acknowledge outstanding accomplishments from people of color who have inspired transformational changes over the years in socio-political, environmental climate justice, technology, and entertainment.

A statement from the organisers said that their 2022 story focuses on Dr. Gbujie Daniel Chidubem who was honored with the prestigious environmental climate justice award for this purpose.

“Dr. Gbujie is a multi-award winner, global health consultant, and sustainable development goals (SDGs) advocate, who was featured in China’s Forbes magazine edition in March 2021 as an emerging African social innovator for the app idea he created called “SpaceClime and RepClime.”

The statement also read that further investigation of this exceptional young Nigerian, explains that the southeastern Nigerian born from Akabor-Umuayaka, Ahiazu Mbaise Local Government in Imo State, shows that many Africans and non-Africans are excited about him clinching this award and they say he has been able to build a global platform using his organization, a youth-based environment organization registered in the US, cased Team54Project.org, to rally people especially youth to locally find ways to address the climate crisis through education, training, and technology.

Some of the recipients of the award included Jennifer Hudson, named Entertainer of the year for 2022; that highlight works from artists, entertainers, producers, and writers of color.

Others are Samuel L. Jackson who received the “NAACP Chairman’s Award” for his public service, social activism, and his acting achievements; Mr. Kevin Hart for his role in True Story and Ms. Nikole Hannah-Jones, who received the Social Justice Impact Award.

Dr. Gbujie who spoke to Vanguard reporter said, “I feel great being recognized by an International organization, NAACP that has existed for more than 113 years and have within its past history, leaders like Martin Luther king and Dr William Edward Du Boise who have led branches and the national body.

“The event held on 20th of April 2022 focuses on recognizing the contribution of outstanding accomplishments of people of color especially those who have inspired transformational changes over the years in socio-political, environmental climate justice, technology, and entertainment. I was honoured with the “2022 Environmental Climate Justice Award” for my contributions towards that aim.”

He mentioned that the target audience are mainly people of color that included immigrants from Africa that have been exceptional in the category of environmental advocacy and have created unique ways or ideas to address the challenges of climate change.

Explaining further, Gbujie said, “I also believe that service to humanity is the currency that responsible human should pay for the advancement of the society. And encouraging exceptional persons who proof themselves by adding value and inspiring others to do better, creates the ideal community that everyone wishes to reside in. This will also see the process as needed, especially genuine services to humanity and vulnerable group like women, children; those who can’t speak for themselves and poor developing countries.”

Meanwhile, notable international personalities have also been commenting from all around the globe, since the news of Gbujie’s award was announced in New York some days ago.

Some of them are the former President World Medical Association in 2015, President Dr. Xaiver Deau of France who posted his congratulatory message online by highlighting that Dr. Gbujie has always been exceptional following his impressive performance at the WMA/Junior Doctor Network Award in April 2015 in far away from Oslo, Norway which he won for his innovative solution to addressing the death residency training in Nigeria.

Dr. Deau said, “Gbujie, I have only good memories from our encounter, we are proud of you and the incredible journey you have paved, Congratulations”.

Gbujie this year joins the likes of other Africans based in the USA who also have been winners of other NAACP awards at the national and chapter levels in different categories notable mentions Trevor Noah from South Africa and whose Shows won outstanding comedy shows.

Gbujie has demonstrated an exceptional Intellectual capacity that makes him stand out from billions of young people and Africans during discussions, which may have explained why the UN secretary-general in 2019 invited him to the UN General assembly and UNICEF had him as one of their ambassadors and advocate for one of their projects with Conceptos Plasticos, an international organization in Latin America currently building high-end plastic schools in Cote d’Ivoire from plastic waste collected from across the West Africa nation.

Another associate, a Namibian based in the capital city of Windhoek, Nerson Tjelos in his social media posting explained that Dr. Gbujie has been a mentor and has inspired thousands of Africa and he also has benefited from him and that Gbujie was instrumental to him coming for a climate reality project training in the US in 2018, and he understands what needs to be done to address the climate crisis in history country, Nerson now works for a leading renewable energy firm in his country and he is an active member of the Team54project family in Namibia.

Gbujie in his acceptance speech sent to the award-giving body, thanked the NAACP executive council and the organization’s environmental climate justice committee members who were jurists for selecting him for 2022. He gave thanks to God and appreciated the support he got from his wife, family, and members of the US-based organization called Team54project International which he leads.

Gbujie explained that he had to rise above the sentiment of naysayers to get to where he was in life and encouraged young ones never to give up hope but to work relentlessly and focus on addressing mankind’s immediate issues by looking at the peculiarity of the community being assisted.

“African immigrants over the last 50 years have added value to the US and this is against the various forms of huddle set before them. They have continued to redefine what perseverance looks like and are constantly sharing their stories and accomplishment in different sectors, am just keeping that tradition alive” Gbujie said.

Gbujie’s global and national contributions to various causes seem to go beyond that of the environmental issues to include health, youth mentorship, and social entrepreneurial training, developing conceptual social content and matters especially back on the African continent needing to be addressed.

The organiser congratulated other NAACP awardees like Ms. Chante Harris, one of the leading female minds addressing climate crisis through the use of technology, and Rev. Dr. Patricia Singletary, who is one of the leading female advocates within the black community in New York.

According to their statement, “she is a known champion for the empowerment and respect for dignity to people of color in the US,” while also recognising Dr. Gbujie Daniel Chidubem for truly being a shining star for the continent of Africa.


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