Many people think that they are digital marketing experts after a couple of successful marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, they don’t realize that they need to be consistently successful to make this claim. Only a veteran digital marketer knows the hard work and research to create a marketing campaign successfully. Nathanael Derek is a leading digital marketing expert of this generation—and he’s not the one making this bold claim himself. His untarnished reputation and track record of success make him a well-respected digital marketer in this industry.
The transition from sports to digital marketing

Nathanael was initially into sports before starting his digital marketing company. He loved playing with his friends and going out during the weekends to enjoy different types of games. Unfortunately, he had to withdraw from playing after he suffered a torn pectoral muscle. It was enough for him to quit playing games and look for a different career path. Unfortunately, his mother’s involvement in real estate was the only advantage he had.

His mother was a real estate agent, and he learned how she used to talk to her clients. It was the start of something spectacular for Nathanael. He tried to emulate the marketing skills of his mother. But since he did not have a marketing job then, he couldn’t implement what he learned. That was when he came across various blogs and articles on digital marketing. It opened a new door for Nathanael. He quickly shifted his focus from word of mouth marketing to digital marketing as the latter offered more opportunities to flourish.

Nathanael spent days and weeks going through different aspects of digital marketing and finally figured out how to design a successful marketing campaign. He started with a few small companies that didn’t have enough money to hire a veteran digital marketing expert. This gave him the experience and exposure to become a popular figure in the industry. He started getting more clients because of his high success rate and low fees. Nathanael was working as a freelancer initially to gain experience. He didn’t even think of starting a company of his own.
Becoming a digital marketing expert

Becoming an expert in any field requires hard work, dedication, passion, patience, and enthusiasm to learn from mistakes. Nathanael ticked all these boxes when he started working as a digital marketer. First, he would spend time analyzing the results of the ongoing marketing campaigns to plan for his next strategy. Little by little, Nathanael was gaining experience in this field, and it didn’t take him long to start his own digital marketing company.

Since the competition was already fierce, Nathanael tried to follow a different path to make his business successful. First, he got in touch with various influencers and celebrities to attract their fans. This allowed him to build a vast client base that skyrocketed his company’s popularity.

Nathanael is working hard to take his digital marketing company to the next level. He wants his employees to do well and work happily under him. His employees view Nathanael as a passionate and considerate boss who guides them as they try to uncover their true potential.

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