April 15, 2022

Mile 12 market can turn anyone to Oliver Twist

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Visiting the popular Lagos food market, Mile 12 International Market, is a different experience. It’s one of the biggest marketplaces in Lagos State. It is the choice destination for perishable goods.

If you are Oliver Twist like me, you will definitely spend more than your budget because you want more. I learned some things during my visit to this market.

Before my visit, I expected a dirty and scattered market. But trust me, that’s very far from the truth. It’s a well organized market. With each product having its section and chairman. Arguments rarely occur.

I spoke to a buyer there who told me she came to the market from Abule-Egba because of the cheap products.

I bought fruits from a seller at the entrance of the market and I was amazed by how cheap it was. In my mind, I was insulting the fruit sellers in the street not knowing I was just starting. Going to the fruit section, I bought the same product, 200% cheaper than the price I bought it at the entrance of the market, so I got confused. The question then became, Who should I insult? The street sellers? Or the seller at the market entrance?

Going to Mile 12 as a first timer is not advisable, because you will definitely not achieve your aim of buying cheaper. In my case, I went with two friends, one who is a frequent visitor and another JJC (Johnny Just Come) like me.

Entering the main market, I got my clothes and hands dirty because trust me, the market is filled with people buying and carrying things with leaking bags of tomatoes and pepper.
I had to thank my friend who advised me to wear a simple and black dress.

Visiting the market is a must for people who have not gone because that’s my new favorite market.
Trust a Nigerian woman to love a cheap market with good products.