April 24, 2022

Leading Wellness Experts discuss “Health, Happiness and Holistic Wellness” at Dare To Inspire 6th Edition

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The 6th Edition of the Dare To Inspire mentoring session was an exhilarating and empowering event
as previous sessions. On Saturday, 9th April 2022, young women and youth across different continents
gathered via Live webinar to observe, interact and learn from outstanding women leaders, industry
experts and role models in the health and wellness industry.
Dare to Inspire is a leading a not-for-profit organization focused on inspiring and empowering young
(Muslim) women in Nigeria and youth across the globe. The theme for the 6th Edition “Health, Happiness and Holistic Wellness” highlighted the tremendous need for individuals to bring back their
awareness to these very important aspects of life while the speakers share their knowledge, strategies, practical ideas and experiences on living a healthy, happy and holistic life with special significance to taking care of the body and overall wellbeing.
As an annual knowledge-exchange and mentorship event between present and emerging leaders, the
event had in attendance accomplished personalities such as Dr Maymunah Yusuf Kadiri, multiple award-winning mental health physician and advocate in Nigeria, Summayyah Sadiq-Ojibara, Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Life Coach and Writer in Australia, Hafsah Olufunmilola Ameen-Ikoyi , Certified Health Coach and Clinical Pharmacist, and Dr Bilikis Jumoke Oladimeji, Physician and Senior
Director Healthcare Informatics (USA) amongst others.
The convener of the event Bunmi Ghiazat Adebimpe, who is also a professional coach, holistic
counselling therapist and visual creative, while giving her passionate opening speech charged the
attendees to pay special attention to maintaining a balanced lifestyle which is a continuous lifelong process as well as taking individual personal responsibility for the multiple aspects of their mental health, bodily functions and overall wellness. She explained the various aspects of wellness and the
importance of pursuing a fulfilling existence in a world filled with systemic and behavioral failures coupled with the constant and unpredictable fast paced changes.
The first speaker, Summayyah Sadiq-Ojibara, speaking on the topic “Life Skills and Strategies for
Holistic Wellness” encouraged the audience to renew set intentions, reflect on individual existence and open their hearts to truly feel the impact of the experience. She made profound statements on life events and set beliefs with conditioned scripts that people live by in framing their view of the world.
Additionally, revealing the fact that self-awareness is a major driver of thoughts, behaviors, emotions,
actions and choices which are the fundamental aspects of embarking on a journey of overall wellness.
She also spoke about the strategies required for reflection, regulation and redirection and took the
audience through an amazing interactive mindfulness exercise.
Dr Bilikis Jumoke Oladimeji in delivering her topic titled “Role of Technology in Improving Personal
Health and Wellness” notably pointed that technology is not a replacement for care and the fact that without good health, human potential could be lost whilst also encouraging the audience to safeguard health and wellbeing with regular health checks. She further emphasized the deep connection of the
three main aspects of the theme of the event and stated that the pandemic has reinforced the interconnectedness of health systems beyond conventional boundaries. Dr Bilikis cited the various advances of technology in driving vaccines production, easing diagnosis of health conditions and delivering optimal healthcare applications that monitors individual bodily activities that are available
to us in today’s world.
Hafsah Olufunmilola Ameen-Ikoyi’s speech was titled “Promoting Self-care with Wholesome Nutrition
and Fitness”. She stressed the significance of being physically active and the ultimate form of self-care
is to live a healthy lifestyle with the absence of chronic diseases. In addition, she enumerated practical action steps for holistic health and wellbeing and enjoined the audience to consider what goes into
their bodies, what they do with their bodies and to eat of the good things in the world in other to be hale and hearty. She urged everyone to be intentional about self-care, pace themselves in all they do, reflect on harmful habits, focus on being consistent and resist the burden of reaching the breaking point before taking utmost control of health and overall wellbeing.
The final speaker of the day, Dr Maymunah Yusuf Kadiri, dedicated her speech to the topic “Enhanced Wellbeing as Means to Finding True Happiness”, the multiple award-winning speaker, in her speech
emphatically stated the impact of optimal health, happiness and holistic wellness. She analyzed the
current challenges bedeviling the country and the world at large from the various economic, financial, social and environmental factors negatively impacting personal wellbeing. She advised the audience on the various action steps that may enhance wellbeing and in the long run leading to true happiness. In concluding her session, Dr Maymunah, instructs the audience to take bold steps in caring for personal health and wellness by identifying stress triggers, having unconditional self-love and the immense value of asking for help when needed as a sign of strength not weakness.
It was also packed with lots of motivational and inspirational moments for the audience.
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The official hashtag for the 6th edition is #DTI2022

DARETOINSPIRE® (DTI), is a not-for-profit initiative that aims to empower, enlighten and elevate young
(Muslim) women and youth across the globe. DTI’s key mission is to invest in the life of young women,
influence their positivity towards life, improve their self-confidence and strengthen their self-worth which ultimately helps to engender growth, create equal opportunities and enhance global economic development. The annual DTI Mentoring Session brings together successful business leaders, leading industry experts and
women role models to inspire and share their experiences, success stories and to discuss other contemporary topics affecting today’s young women and youth globally.