In an interview with the Up and Rising Dj, he said he has been studying his msc and went on few months break in order to focus on his one year masters program. However, he sets to resume with an EP in 2022.

Tell us brief about your background:

My name is Gbadebo Oluwafemi Anthony popularly known as Undisputed Dj Wallace, I have been working as a professional Dj since the year 2012 .
I have played in radio stations, and performed in many big Nigerian events and occasions over the years.
After my undergraduate degree I decided to further my education and currently studying international hospitality and tourism management in the Uk.

How exactly did you come into djing?

I have been a lover of music since childhood and djing has always been my passion, always save my pocket money to download songs on my mobile phone back in high school. It was our final year get-together party at high school, and I was placed in charge of the sound and music for the event. So I hire a dj, that Dj’s performance on the event was electrifying and it boosted my passion for djing and I started practicing and schooling myself in djing. After a while I decided to start volunteering to play at events and ‘boom’ my Dj career started.

How does it feel for you mixing djing and music recording career?

Even though its sometimes challenging but always find myself highly energized when working on sound. Due to the heavy passion I have for music, mixing my Djing craft with music recording is a win on both sides for me.

How did you come about your stage name .

Wallace has been my nickname right from high school which means popularity in Scottish language, I added Undisputed because I get lots of love from people and I easily attract fans. Also ‘Undisputed’ makes the name ‘Wallace’ stand out from others artistes out there with the name ‘Wallace’.

How do you handle women who usually flock around a married artist?

Such doesn’t get to me because of my level of professionalism and focus in my craft.

What inspired your song, Fayakun ft Isolate?

Nothing really, the track was more from a simple freestyle. Although, Fayakun is an arabic word which means to exist (to be) so went with the flow to show we exist, lol.

What are you plans for the new year?

Will be rounding up my masters degree in April of 2022, so I will be resuming back my entertainment career. Also I have plans to release some mixtapes and my EP which I was supposed to work on in 2020 but suspended it due to my studies. Come fall 2022 I will be taking my musical career to the next level and touch every genre of music all around the world. As regards my EP it will be featuring some talented and popular artistes.

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