I became 2nd class citizen immediately my marriage failed ― Iyabo Ojo

Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo on Sunday shared her painful experiences of surviving as a single mother.

While narrating how most Nigerians condemned her, Iyabo took to her Instagram page to thank God for life stating that she would never stop expressing appreciation to God for her life and the challenges she overcame.

Iyabo Ojo added that the single mother status made people describe her as not having morals, not fit to be a model, talkative, and a clout chaser even when she tries to tell her story.

According to her, she was treated like a second-class citizen due to her failed marriage.

She wrote:

Who am I that I am not mindful of your blessings,
I’m never going to stop appreciating you Lord, I’m never going to stop thanking you lord🙏


This world most especially this country Nigeria, i was treated so unjustly bcos of my circumstance and choices i made to better the life of my children.

1) I became a 2nd class citizen immediately my marriage failed, a trillion times the hate, the bullies, the curses, the unapologetic horrible rejections, it was massive from my society, my people, my country, being a single mom was like living in a foreign land with no papers, thanks to the media, writing and creating false narrative about me just worsened everything, the word prostitute became my 👑

2) choosing an acting career was like finding yourself in a crime scene you had no business being there, it became a confirmation that i was irresponsible, a whore & fame was the reason why i left my marriage 🤔

3) Acting in my language (Yoruba) o my world!!!!!! made matters worse, i was tageed local & unworthy to associate with the so-called elite, it was a big deal then, even when i spoke the little english i understood, people couldn’t hide their shock 🤣 even till this day, we’re underated, yeyebrity is our nickname 🤣


but listen young ones …. Local is Original, stay true to your culture bcos that’s your identity 💯

4) i was not expected to have a voice, i was a single mother, i had no morals, unworthy to be called a role model .. 🙈

5) & yes sharing my story on the internet labelled me talkative & cloutino 🤣

But if i had stayed in it & the deed had been done, you all would’ve been quick to shift the blame on the dead ….. forgetting our society created this Fear, the Stigma, the Mockery, the labeling which is not for the faint at heart….
We need to do better as a society…… who never fuck up hands ✋️ in the air

…… Staying true to myself, building a strong wall around my heart and growing in my inner strength and my children has gotten me this far & today I’m a success story

I will continue to tell my story to encourage alot of mothers out there … You can & will win in the end🏆 💪

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