.…says no zoning arrangement in the State

By Anayo Okoli

A frontline governorship aspirant in Ebonyi state, Senator Obinna Ogba has said that he is contesting for the governorship of Ebonyi State to give the people of the state freedom as according to him the people are presently living in fear and bondage.

Ogba, who is aspiring on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, also said he would provide security for the people.

He also dismissed the suggestions by some people in the state that there is an existing zoning arrangement for the governorship position.

“First of all, the people need freedom. The present government has not given them freedom. They can’t speak out for fear of intimidation and attacks. They need security, they have not given them security.

“They need housing. Since Egwu left, no single housing estate has been built in the state. Elechi came, for 8 years no one building that is called housing because he didn’t have interest in that. Now the incumbent governor is completing 7 years, no single building. How do you develop a city without housing.

“Now in health facilities, there is no general hospital in Ebonyi State that is working. You can go round and find out. These are the basic things of life. These are what the people need most, I will provide these amenities to them”, Ogba said.

On the issue of zoning, the governorship aspirant said: “My position is that if there is anything like zoning in Ebonyi, that zoning will be respected by even my humble self because I am a gentle man to the core. But the issue is that there is no zoning in Ebonyi State.

“And the leaders have not come together to discuss zoning not to talk of having one. If they decide today to meet, discuss, agree and sign on zoning, I will respect it.

“In 1999, the three Senatorial zones contested election at the end, Dr. Sam Egwu emerged candidate and won the election. In 2007, the North was contesting, the South was also contesting. The Central was also contesting. At the end Chief Martin Elechi won from the central.

“In 2015 when he was going the three zones also contested. Dave Umahi was contesting from the South, other people from other zones also contested. At the end Engr. David Umahi won. And now David Umahi is going, the three zones need to contest.

“And there was no time anybody called a meeting to discuss zoning, and again I don’t think the zoning should be a problem. What should be a problem is how do we get somebody who will govern the Ebonyi people; who will know what Ebonyi people want and give it to them. Who will put food on the table for people. I think that is what is important”, Ogba said.


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