April 4, 2022

Delta 2023: Dep. Majority leader assures Bomadians of better, robust representation

Delta 2023: Dep. Majority leader assures Bomadians of better, robust representation

By Chancel Sunday

Deputy majority leader, Delta State House of Assembly, Hon. Oboro Preyor, has assured his constituents of better, quality and robust representation when re-elected to the House in 2023.

Preyor gave the assurance, yesterday, during a consultation with over one hundred Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, delegates at Rainbow Hotel, Kpakiama in Bomadi council area, where he sought a fourth tenure to consolidate on his democracy dividends and exploits.

The lawmaker interacted with the delegates on the best option for Ijaw to produce governor of the state on one hand, and his readiness to give Bomadians better and quality representation in the State Assembly in 2023 on the other hand.

He said: “I thank you for your support and trust reposed in me to represent you at the State Assembly. I came to plead for your support again to enable me do more as a lawmaker with better experience in the legislative business.

“Talking about performance, my records are there and I don’t think any legislator, whether from any other ethnic nationality or from Ijaw stock, has performed better than me and I will continue to make Bomadians proud through quality representation.

“Concerning the news trending in social media, where a particular aspirant claiming that I promised to handover the mantle to him is false, there was never a time I had such an agreement with anybody. More so, the trending news that I said I would not contest again is an obiter dictum, I did not take any oath to that effect.

“What I said then was that I could contest to the office of the governor, Senate and the House representatives because I’m equal to the task. But now, our leader Sen. James Manager is contest for the office of the governor and it’s only fair Ijaw should leave the Senate for others.

“My political elder brother, Hon. Nicholas Mutu, is at the House Representatives and he’s coming again and I don’t need to contest with him, particularly when I’m the bond between the top and low, when I’m the peacemaker in Bomadi council area.

“So, I decided to consolidate on the progress made in the State House and I assure you I will continue to make you proud. I may have offended some of my constituents, ranging from not being able to pick phone calls and others, please forgive me.

“As for project execution, you cannot separate the legislature and the executive. When the tension is high on me on Facebook in the area of project execution, I responded by mentioning Zion Road, but some boys answered me and said I know nothing about the road.

“They said, look at this man, he does not know who awarded Zion Road project, he does not know how the project came about and I told them that they should go and look at the budget of that year if there’s anything like Zion Road.

“I put five hundred thousand naira (N500,000) Omnibus Provision in the state budget for internal roads in Bomadi Local Government Area, and from that Omnibus Provision, money was pulled out to fund Zion Road project and that’s our business, we don’t award contracts.

“Nobody is perfect, we’re all humans and whoever I’ve offended, please forgive me and I’m always determined to make Bomadians proud with better and quality representation.

“Let us look at the prevailing situation on ground, particularly when we’re driving for the number one position of the state and you need an experienced legislator like me to streamline things and make the House work in harmony with the incoming governor”.