April 16, 2022

Clinical research and trials present new opportunities for dev’t of health sector in Africa – Martins Acha

Clinical research and trials present new opportunities for dev’t of health sector in Africa – Martins Acha

Data from the 2017 Migration Policy institute shows that in the US, Nigerians are the most highly educated of all groups, with 61% holding at least a bachelor’s degree compared with 31% of the total foreign-born population and 32% of the US-born population. This is attributable to resilience and dedication to work. This can be said of the Nigerian born US based Clinical research expert Mr Martins Acha.

Martins Acha is the Chairman of Kontiki Research Services and CEO BioLife Genetics Research all based in Texas, US. A member of Project Management Institute, Golden Key, The National Society of Leadership and Success, Business Development Institute, to mention but a few.

His experience on Clinical research and having been retained by reputable pharmaceuticals and government bodies over the years gave him a detailed insight on the opportunities Africa can tap into.

Martins while in Nigeria met with Edo State Government of Nigeria and was invited to an Investment Forum with the Diaspora Nigerians hosted by ESIPO to discuss possible ways to improve the health sector of the state.

Martins identified some of the key health challenges viz; inadequate resources, poor infrastructure and lack of government will power to implement some of the health policies. According to the Clinical Research expert, ‘trials act as the prime way employed by the Biotech and Biopharma companies to investigate if a new therapy, a medical device, or a novel drug is secure and efficient in individuals. One can imagine the job opportunities not to talk of the discovery and innovation this study will bring to Nigeria and Africa as a whole’.

Martins Acha believes that the exponential growth of Contract Research Organisations (CRO) will fuel the industry thereby building capacity and giving Africans the requisite training and technological innovations.  Mr. Acha who is an expert in Oncology, Infectious Disease, Rare Disease, CNS, Dermatology, Clinical Studies and General Clinical Study Support in a press statement called on African Leaders to invest in this growing industry by collaborating with US big market players and adopting fast paced, trustworthy clinical trials.

He believes Africa is very much untapped in availability of trial sites and subjects for diseases that are peculiar to the continent. Martins is also the co-founder of Martins & Eno Acha Foundation, a US Registered Nonprofit founded by him and his wife Eno Acha.