Ahead of the forthcoming APC primaries, there are strong indications that the grave note of warning sounded by President Muhammadu Buhari could be jettisoned in Owo/Ose federal constituency MHR Primary election.

This is because of the open endorsement of Hon. Timilehin Adelegbe, one of the aspirants for the coveted seat of Member, House of Representatives for Owo/ Ose Federal Constituency recently by party leaders that should be neutral and seen to be independent in the selection of the party candidates for the 2023 general poll.

In all participatory democracy the world over, the freewill of the electorates remains sacrosanct as their freedom of expression via franchise is a constitutional right that is evidently exercised freely by individuals and protected/preserved by the working manual.

Dr Abiola Oshodi is a trained psychiatrist, he is a qualified medical doctor, fellow of the Royal college of Physician of Canada and fellow American Psychiatry Association , a philanthropist, youth enthusiast and worthy community developer, and a man with cosmopolitan experience and exposure with key relevance to participatory democracy from Ehin-ogbe, Ijebu and Ute, Owo-Ose Local Governments . He is an advocate of good governance and egalitarian society as a progressive element. He is not only disappointed .His friends, and teeming followers and supporters are extremely bewildered and disturbed by this unfortunate political intrigue in Owo/Ose Federal Constituency, the constituency of HE, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu , SAN who believes in freedom, independent , justice system, capacity and competence of individuals ;and the popularity, acceptability and great past antecedents of individuals.

Dr Abiola Oshodi , being a seasoned democrat, an astute politician, highly cerebral opinion leader, idealist and realist with conventional modesty, fresh initiatives and modern innovations with a world-class exposure, regrettably sees this unfortunate developments as cogs in the wheel of participatory democracy.

The consequences of imposition of candidates with impunity are grave and colossal. They are not only injurious and harmful, they often create grave fault lines, cracks and factions within a party. This will become a tsunami considering the circumstances at our hands with the outcry of the citizens for responsible and responsive leadership by all Nigerians in the midst of dwindling fortunes and gory scenes of mindless insecurities. Again, considering the popularity of Dr. Abiola Oshodi in the federal constituency from different arrays of people: young and old; men and women; haves and have nots and so on, it may be difficult to manage the commotion of imposition and impunity. This is very obvious, and it’s a statement of fact that anyone can take to the bank.

There is no need to doubt this position. At the 11th National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting of our great party, the President Mohammed Buhari,, GCFR made it abundantly clear that imposition and impunity should be consciously shunned by the party hierarchies and critical stakeholders. It will be recollected that a whole state was lost to the opposition party on account of imposition of candidates in Zamfara State in 2019. This is in addition to many seats and positions that were lost continually because of brazen imposition of candidates at all levels within our party .

Dr Abiola Oshodi and his supporters as well as members of his campaign organization are not asking for too much. Our request is simple and clear: A LEVEL PLAYING GROUND FOR ALL ASPIRANTS TO TEST WATERS AND DEMONSTRATE THEIR POPULARRITY.

In a democratic setting, election though free, fair, credible, transparent and acceptable, remains the benchmark for health and popular selection of candidates. In any election, there shall be the victor and the defeated. In sportsmanship, both the victor and the defeated must be jealously magnanimous both in victory and defeat respectively. This is the beauty of the process. However, if this understanding is gravely compromised, then there will be unnecessary power tussles and bitter hiccups within the political compartment. This often brings about collateral damage and gross failure, and loss of integrity by individuals and political parties. Let us guide against this challenge, and preserve the goodwill of our party in the constituency, and the entire state.

In the recently conducted bye-election in Akure North/Akure South Federal Constituency, HE, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu SAN, our dear governor and leader demonstrated a great resolve and sterling attributes of a generational leader as he didn’t influence the outcome of the primary election that produced Hon. Alade as the APC candidate. Because of the healthy process and the emergence of a popular candidate, the APC went ahead to dislodge the PDP in its stronghold in a heartwarming victory.

The onus now lies with the critical stakeholders to do the needful and the expected in this circumstance. We do not fear any contest; but we shall support all friends and oppose all foes to ensure that a free, fair, credible transparent, and acceptable primary is conducted in the constituency. This is our bond with the party and our mandate with the delegates/ electorates. We shall vehemently oppose impunity and consciously reject imposition of candidates by all legitimate and legal means. Our mandate with destiny and history with our investment is to change the narrative, and bring our cosmopolitan experience and exposure to bear on local politics. Nothing on earth will deter our will to achieve this feat.

We have done our best by repeatedly sounding the Clarion Call of due process and democratic ethics, it is left for our party hierarchy and critical stakeholders here in Owo/Ose Federal Constituency to pay conscious attention and allow the right thing to be done in this case.

To our aspirant, Dr Abiola Oshodi , who is the aspirant to beat, remains undoubtedly ready for open and transparent primary. His intimidating credentials are eloquent testaments of his capacity, competence and readiness. His uncommon antecedents, now superlative model for invested in humanity, and his golden name already etched on the golden door of history are great assets any cloud of manipulations/intrigues can smear or cover.

Let the aspirants lock horns in an open contest, the winner shall be considerate in triumph and the defeated shall be humble in failure. With sportsmanship and decorum, both the loser and the winner shall work together for the party with the principle of “No Victor, No Vanquished.”

This is what we want , especially with the popularity of our principal, Dr Abiola Oshodi,a man special hewn from the finest marble of creation.

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