By Ogalah Ibrahim

Senator Abubakar Sadiq Yar’adua, a governorship aspirant in Katsina State under the All Progressives Congress, APC, has said that someone with sound education and an uncompromising faith in God is needed to save the state from the current security challenges and economic quagmire it’s facing.

Yar’adua made the remark at a press conference, shortly after he led his supporters to the Katsina APC office, where he officially declares his intention to contest for the state’s governorship position.

He said: “To revamp the fortunes of our State, we need a credible leader with impeccable character, incorruptible, courageous, bold, brutally honest and empathetic. We need someone with good and sound education; a person with an abiding and uncompromising faith in Allah in both his deeds and pronouncements.”

In addition to that, he said: “Our next governor should have great understanding of economics and the economy, a politician that understands people, their desires, needs and wants, with vast experience in public service and in the private sector.

Furthermore, Yar’adua said the next Katsina Governor must “understands power and power relations, be able to intelligently and robustly analyse fundamental issues and problems of society. Someone with enormous ability to relate local issues and problems and situate them within the context of prevailing global economic realities and dynamics. Above all, a good and kindhearted person with a clean and unblemished record.”

Yar’adua who blamed the current security situation and economic woes in the state on “decades of utter neglect of the teeming poor that constitute more than 99% of the state’s population, by those who should serve them” said there is urgent need to “quickly come together and salvage the state from its current security challenges and economic quagmire.”

Consequent upon this, Yar’adua said, “I believe I am that person who will “provide honest and purposeful leadership based on knowledge, and global best practices and also assemble young, vibrant and honest people as advisers and managers of government, if elected the state Governor come 2023.

“I will assiduously dedicate myself to reviving the state’s economy, re-order its economic base and distribute its wealth fairly and equitably among the various segments and strata of society as well as provide equal opportunities to all – men and women, rich and poor, the young and the old.”


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