March 2, 2022

This is new lease of life, Kwara indigenes celebrate road constructions, inform Abdulrazaq of a collapsed bridge

This is new lease of life, Kwara indigenes celebrate road constructions, inform Abdulrazaq of a collapsed bridge

Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq

By Demola Akinyemi, Ilorin 

Bad roads anywhere in the world  give the users and other stakeholders,untold hardship, sickness,crippling of business activities and other means of livelihood and even bring untimely death in some  unfortunate cases.

And in other to take away these sad incidents  inflicted on the residents of Kwara in the past, Governor AbdulRazaq noted and listed such roads that are also of strategic and economic importance to the people.

Almost three years,down the line after the governor had entirely rehabilitated and constructed the roads,the users,and other stakeholders who are today the beneficiaries,are applauding the current administration for bringing them a new lease of life.

He embarked on the construction of Town Hall Station Road, Erinle, Museum Road, Esie, OroAgo-Oyate, Offa,Amuyo Road Offa and Okeonigbin, ring road.

Others are Ijomu Oro Road, Oro, CAC -Ogere,Babanloma Road, Osi,township roads, Ganmo Borstal Training centre, CAN office Road and construction of culvert along Obo-Ile Isapa among others.

Roads users expressed their joy to journalists who last week  went on tour of the roads.

A cross section of people in the seven local government areas in the Kwara South senatorial district of Kwara state glowingly spoke of the benefits of the constructions in their area.

The residents, particularly those who are non apolitical heaped huge accolades on the governor for the new lease of life the good roads have brought them unlike their previous experience.

Speaking in separate interviews, the people, who included community leaders and residents of the area, said that both the township and rural roads in Ifelodun, Irepodun, Offa, Oyun, Oke Ero, Ekiti and Isin local government areas have opened up the communities to socioeconomic and tourism opportunities in the recent years.

The people, who said that the hitherto bad nature of the rural roads had caused health challenges such as catarrh, cough and asthma, among other ailments, added that they had heaved a sigh of relief with the asphalted roads.

Speaking on the completed 2.3 kilometre Oro Ago-Oyate asphalt road project in the Ifelodun local government area executed by Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq administration, the deputy chairman of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) in the area, Oladiran Aweda, said that the project had forced down prices of farm produce.

Aweda said that two tubers of yam that were sold for N2,000 before the road was constructed now go for N700 because of easy access to farm sites.

To this end, the union has appealed to the governor to assist them in procuring new vehicles to ply the route to further boost economic activities of the people of the local government area.

“We want to appeal to goverrnor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq to assist us with vehicles so that we can ply the route. Trailers are now coming into Oro-Ago to load farm produce like yam, maize to other parts of the state because our road is now good and the farmer can access farm and market easily. We thank Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq for this.”, said the deputy chairman who was flanked by other members of the union.  

Earlier at the popular Taiwo Road in Offa(Offa local  government), the second most popular road in the ancient town after the dua lane Olofa way,the residents and other  road users expressed comfort,and spoke of improved business activities in the area.

Meanwhile, there were reservations about a particular aspect of the road that was not properly executed by the contractor, which they want rectified 

One Engineer Wale Sharp,Electronics repairer  at Taiwo Road, Offa said,”I thank our new governor,Alh AbdulRahaman AbdulRazaq for the rehabilitation of this Taiwo Road in Offa because we are really enjoying it.

“But those who repaired the road,at one side of the road,there were some things they forgot to fix there. So,we are appealing to the government to come and do it because this is a major road,so that it can last. Apart from the dua lane Oloffa way,Taiwo Road is the next being frequently used in Offa here, we use it day and night. Secondly,this is the road that leads to our main market,”Oja Owode”here in Offa. There are some areas that the contractor didn’t do well and it used to cause traffic holdup during market day,the state government should also come and help us to complete this.”

Also at Erin-Ile, in Oyun local government area of the state, a cross section of road users recalled with nostalgia how the dusty roads  used to inflict cough,catarrh and even dulled their businesses all of which are no more today because of the rehabilitation of the roads 

Alhaja Yusuf Falilat at Station Road,Erinle who spoke in local dialect said,”We thank Governor AbdulRazaq for the rehabilitation of our road here around Eesas House,we are completely satisfied with it,may this government continue to progress in all its endeavours.

” The almighty God will grant the governor  his second term desire but we want him to give us more benefits in Erin-Ile here,we are happy with him.

 Residents who also spoke at Esie-Iludun also said that the completed asphalt road executed by the present administration had opened up business opportunity for residents as new lock up shops are now springing up along the road. 

A resident of the area Mrs, Ayo Grace, said that the road, which leads to the ancient Esie National museum had boosted sales, adding that selling and buying had improved in the area due to the new asphalt road.

However, at Owode-Ofaro community, residents lamented the hardship they were going through as a result of collapsed bridge in the area.

Olu of the community, who spoke through, High Chief Malacai Ibiwoye Atolagbe, said that farmers used camels and donkeys to convey farm produce during December harvest period instead of vehicles as a result of the collapsed bridge.

The community leader, who said that the bridge was swept away by flood in 2018, appealed to the governor to ensure speedy completion of the collapsed bridge before raining season sets in.