March 5, 2022

Russia-Ukraine: Ex-Boxing champ, Oboh, tasks Archbishop Welby on prayers for Europe 

Archbishop of Canterbury, Sir Justin Welby

Ex-British light heavyweight boxing champion, Peter Oboh, pleaded with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Sir Justin Welby, to gather all his Bishops and Vicars, rub minds and seek God for peace to reign in one of the most advanced continent in the world, which is Europe.

The pugilist-turned cleric made the appeal against the backdrop of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.

Oboh said: “This Russia and Ukraine issue is taking many innocent lives already.

“We must know that peace between these two nations, Russia and Ukraine is very possible. We must all remember these two nations have shared brotherly love during the time of the old Soviet Union.

“We must know that if it was possible for them when freedom was limited in the old Soviet state, it is much very possible now, only that both nation must give peace a chance.”

The ex-Commonwealth boxing champion also said that “we all know that Russia is a world power and Ukraine is not, but Ukraine is trying to be part of the European Union.

“So if Russia keeps troubling Ukraine, then N.A.T.O may be forced to come into the fight, which Great Britain and United States of America are also part of.

“This could lead to World War III, which every nation on Earth will be forced to play a part of.

“In the end of it, there will be no winner but death, hunger, sorrow and extreme depression will be the winner. So, let us give peace a chance.

“This is why a man of peace, such as Sir Welby, should pull other clerics together to pray for peace in Europe and, by extension, the world.”

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