Wike, Obaseki

By Ozioruva Aliu

BENIN CITY – THE chairman, Edo State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Col David Imuse (rtd) said the current face-off between the governor of Edo State, Governor Godwin Obaseki and his Rivers State counterpart, Nyesom Wike was as a result of the desperation by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to win back power in the state.

Speaking to Vanguard on Wednesday and the verbal between the two governors, Imuse also described the almost six years administration of Obaseki as a failure.

 He said “What is happening today in PDP is a self inflicted injury. We had warned and we told the entire world that Obaseki and his co-travelers were pollutants and irritants that anywhere they go, they represent ingratitude so what is happening today is not a surprise to us just that PDP did not heed advice because of their desperation for power and when you are too desperate for anything, the end result is always unpalatable.”

 He said “As a party, we are focused on what we are doing as a party, we are focused on building our party, we are focused on winning elections, we are focused in designing strategies that will help us win elections and bring good governance to Edo state that is our primary focus.     

“That some individuals who recently went to the PDP are dancing naked in the market square really don’t have bearing with APC but what we worry about most is that governance have been left to sleep in Edo state. Today, he is a jester in government house and that is why you see all these comic display.

“Today, Edo state is at a stand still, there is no fuctiomal legislature, the judiciary is emasculated, Obaseki has personalized the executive, security is at its lowest ebb people cannot sleep with their eyes closed; no development, roads are not being constructed. Why other governments are commissioning fly overs and other heavy developmental projects, Obaseki is bringing the national chairman of a party to come commission a jetty for canoes at Ologbo.

“Remember we called on the federal government sometimes ago to declare a state of emergency because the state is in reverse in terms of develop. 

Schools have no teachers, the health sector is nothing to right about, no doctors, no nurses Edo state has n single anesthetics College of Education Ekiadolor is now history, College of Agriculture Ighuoriaki has been brought down and students and workers thrown out and the government that cannot fund any institution wants to establish a multi-campus system for AAU, that is ironic. To us as a party, Obaseki represents negativity.” 

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