March 26, 2022

Nigerians have a great sense of humour – Mr Amro Alabsi

Nigerians have a great sense of humour – Mr Amro Alabsi

Mr Amro Alabsi, is a Pharmacist and the Country Representative of Hi Geen products, a brand under the Sukhtian Group, an Amman, Jordan based conglomerate that’s into pharmaceuticals and other products. 

Recently, he was in Nigeria as part of plans to introduce the company’s products and brands to the Nigerian market as well as contribute to the country’s economy. In this interview, he speaks on his first impression of the country, the cultural diversity of Nigeria, the country’s business attractiveness, plans for a manufacturing plant in the country, favourite Nigerian dishes and other issues. Excerpts:

As a first time visitor to Nigeria, what’s your impression of the country?

To be honest, the image I had in my mind was different from what I saw and this is what I saw when I arrived at Lagos Airport. Nigeria is a great country, rich in different cultures, and this cultural diversity creates in the visitor the desire to stay for a longer period of time to learn about these cultures.

Nigeria is a big country, and despite that, you see a simplified picture of all of Nigeria in all the places you visit. Nigerians have a nice smile and I like that. They have good sense of humour. They are very energetic, creative and have entrepreneurial spirit. They seem to be living happily despite the challenges they face.

Do you see the country as a good place to invest or do business?

Of course, Nigeria has all the attractive elements for investment, the most important of which are security, infrastructure, and educated and hardworking population.

Nigeria economically is a leader of the neighbouring countries, and its geographical location helps your investment to grow rapidly. 

It’s because of these reasons we decided to come to Nigeria after seeing the acceptance of our products in the country from the samples we sent. We see Nigeria as a very good market and we feel Nigerians deserve the best products. 

Our company has been operating in Jordan for fifty years now so, after our success in about thirty countries especially in the Middle East and North Africa, we decided to invest in Nigeria to introduce our products to the good people of the country and we believe they will be happy to see our products here. We are excited to do business in Nigeria so we’ve come to Nigeria to stay. I’m happy to be here and I appreciate the warm welcome I’ve received from every one I’ve met during this visit. 

Besides pharmaceuticals, do you plan to introduce more of your products especially the personal care and skin care into the market?

Yes, sure

How long have you been working with Hi Geen/Sukhtian Group?

About eight years. The dream is for Hi Geen brand to become the number one in the world.

What stands the Hi Geen products apart from others in the market?

We always focus on quality coupled with daily checks and continuous follow-up to maintain the quality that we are proud of, and also we care that quality with an acceptable price is right for all who live on this earth. 
Our products are made from natural ingredients especially herbs and oils so safe to use.

On the plans to set up a manufacturing plant in Nigeria, when will that happen?

As I said earlier, Nigeria is a great country and it is attractive for investment. So it is in our mind to have a place that serves the African continent and I hope that this will be in the coming years.

Tell us a bit about your background- where were you born? University attended and course of study

I was born in Amman-Jordan. I’m a Pharmacist and I attended school in Jordan. I have extensive experience in business development and project management.

During your visit, you tasted some local Nigerian dishes. Which is your favourite among them?

Before I came, I was very worried about food, especially since I like to eat. Some people advised me to bring some canned goods with me because I might not like the food.

Because I visit many countries, you can consider me a reference for food. Fortunately, I tasted the best types of food in Nigeria, especially moi moi and dodo. I have never tasted such a mixture before, the combination of different flavours makes you feel like continuing to eat to discover what this is. Really Amazing!