March 15, 2022

KWANDCO commends AbdulRazaq for bridging infrastructural deficits in Kwara North

KWANDCO commends AbdulRazaq for bridging infrastructural deficits in Kwara North

By Demola Akinyemi, Ilorin

Kwara North Development Council (KWANDCO) has commended Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq over the passion and goodwill with which he’s bridging the infrastructural deficits he inherited in the zone from the last administrations.

Chairman of KWANDCO,Comrade Jerry Maajin Kolo flanked by other members of the executives and the teaming members of the council said this in Ilorin at a press conference.

He described KWANDCO, as” The new child of necessity in the circumstatnce of the need to call a spade a spade in our strive to promote the primary goal of our people which is basically centered upon the development of the zone.

“The council has not just come to stay to reshaping the narrative of our zone as it is interestingly receiving the needed attention in the positive. But,to as well promote a partnership that will attract and encourage sustainable infrastructural development needed to fill all the long term vacuum created by past systems. “

He however noted that ,”For us at KWANDCO, it’s no longer news that our zone is getting the desired attention under the government and leadership of Governor AbdulRahaman AbdulRazaq towards bringing the gaps of our infrastructural deficit.But,the good news is the passion and goodwill to which such commitment is anchored. “

Kolo,who also commended the elected and appointed politicians from the zone stressed, “for us at KWANDCO, we won’t say the team had done all,neither given us all that is needed.Yet,they have improved much better on our people’s lives and environment. “

“Like Oliver Twist,we will always ask for more as it is needed but not without appreciating the much that has been done.”

He added,”as a Council,we are not foolhardy not to know where we were and those who left us to our faith to where we’re now and those pushing us through the positives .

“Appropriately, we will make count our voices and appreciate with good gestures all those who are currently making bold steps to changing the narratives of our region from its negative past into the positive presence.

“Affirmatively, KWANDCO will actively get involved in the developmental politics of value addition. We had so resolved.”He said.