March 4, 2022

I’m a testimony of good and effective products – MurrayKurves Secrets’ CEO

I’m a testimony of good and effective products – MurrayKurves Secrets’ CEO

The use of a product or service by its designer or producer is a sign that such is a good product.

This is according to Aderemi Hellen Fiyin, founder and CEO of Murrays Corner Medical Spa and producer of MurrayKurves Secrets range of aphrodisiac, herbal and spiritual products.

She made the assertion while giving assurances to her customers in recent Instagram posts.

Posting via @murraykurves_secrets, she wrote: “My Products starts with me. I am a testimony of a good and effective product. You can never go wrong with any of my products.”

She also gave an assurance of accessibility in a recent Instagram chat where she pointed out that Murrays Kurve Secret products have clients all over the country and even beyond.

Clarifying the reason behind her company’s recent accreditation of distributors, Aderemi said. “We need to make it easier for our customers. That is why I and my team decided to give chances to a lot of people who have been making enquiries about being a Murray distributor to enrol @murraykurves_secrets.”

She further added: “What we do is to refer clients to the nearest distributor. And by tagging and advertising for distributors, we also help them to move their products to the market.”

For those who tagged her as a mere sex therapist, Aderemi, a trained nurse, tried to correct the misinformation: “Aside from sales of aphrodisiac and spiritual products, I run a full-spectrum spa, Murrays Corner Medical Spa. At the centre, we have a range of services that include teeth whitening, butt and hips enhancement, Fat Reduction and removal of stretch marks and skin tag.”

The spa, she also mentioned, does the regular beauty routines such as waxing, pedicure and luxury facials.

She further informed her Instagram followers of planned discount sales of Murray’s Corner’s range of products coming in soonest. “This month we will give you opportunities to buy our acclaimed herbal and spiritual products in Akure and Lagos and also online at huge discounts,” she hinted.