March 9, 2022

Global actor Sal Jobe speaks on movie life

Global actor Sal Jobe speaks on movie life

We sat down with London-based global actor, Sal Jobe, in an exclusive Q&A session. The superstar opens up on his movie life, past and present.

Sal, what took you in the direction of acting?
I’ve always been a big movie fan since childhood, to be able to tell any story and appeal and reach large audiences with the attempt to move them each time. It felt inspiring to me so that’s what I began to try to achieve.

What’s the biggest production you’ve been part of?
Without a doubt, Star Wars! They really go all in, in all aspects.

What have you seen change over the years in acting?
There have been many changes but from what I’ve seen here in the UK, many BAME actors have had huge opportunities to be cast into mind blowing series and features which have in turn opened doors across the board for younger actors too.

Who are your favourite actors?
Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Micheal Caine, just for their unique methods and ability to draw us in as an audience. Also, because of what they have chosen to do in films and projects over the years and what they have achieved.

What’s your dream role ?
I think it’s any actors’ dream to play a Marvel character. But for me, that would be a dream role, as a good or bad character, either way it would be huge to do in any capacity.

What difficulties have you faced in the industry?
I had the door closed in my face time and time again and missed out on many opportunities, life-changing opportunities too and being told I couldn’t do this and that, but I did it either way and proved people wrong.

If you could turn back the clock what would you change or do differently?
I would take more chances and take every opportunity that came my way, without hesitation and fear of what people may think.

What upcoming productions have you got scheduled?
A few short films, nothing I want to spoil lol, but you’ll see this year the release of two!

Are all of your castings in london?
Yes, most of my casting are in London as I love here. I would like to work more in Africa and USA for sure, I’m currently working on making this happen.

Who would be your dream actor to collaborate with ?
Michela B. Jordan, I like mindset and the type and genre of movies he’s done so far. Great actor.

What’s required of an actor before hitting mainstream or Hollywood ?
Constant hard work, connections, continued self-development a good agent and patience to an extent.

Name some of the stars you’ve been on set with?
John Boyega, Ben Wishaw, Vincent Regan, amongst many others that I’ve had a great chance to learn from.

Is there any role in this modern day that you wouldn’t play or be cast for?
I never wanted to play a villain or a murderer, rapist etc, but In general, I would pretty much cover any role. The more you can do the better and the more opportunities that can come off the back of that.

What advice would you give to aspiring actors?
Work hard and have a positive attitude, make connections and learn as much about the craft as possible. Don’t be afraid to step and take opportunities when they come and don’t be afraid to start where you are with what you have.
We look to monitor the movie stars movements this year and you as the viewers can do the same.