Isn’t it surprising that animal welfare organizations raise billions of dollars every year, but you still hear cases of animal abuse? It’s horrific to see the state of stray cats around the neighborhood. Unfortunately, there’s hardly anyone to care for them even though animal welfare organizations have so much money. That’s where Caring Cats wants to make a difference. This newly-introduced NFT will not just raise donations from NFT enthusiasts; the founders will also provide significant returns so that investors don’t feel that their investment is worthless.

Project details

The Caring Cats founders will release 10,000 NFTs within a few days. You can keep an eye on their social media handles about the launch date of the tokens. Each NFT will cost 0.08 ETH. Once the founders announce the release date of the NFTs, you can register on the website and increase your chances of earning a whitelist spot. As a whitelist candidate, you can earn as much as 10% of the total donations the organization collects. 

Here are a few more plans that the founders have in store for those who want to contribute to the noble cause of providing shelter to more than 60 million cats:

● The founders will add more than $100,000 on Quickswap as liquidity of the Caring Cats tokens. It will be listed as the top NFT in various exchanges.

● They will also be open to working with other animal welfare organizations that share the same action plan. First, however, the organizations should be ready to accept Caring Cats NFT as one of the modes of donation.

● The developers will soon launch a donation platform so that interested people can donate directly to Caring Cats. This will be an open platform so that those who are not interested in the NFTs can donate freely.

● The founders want the NFT holders to become the voice of the organization. They plan to start a decentralized autonomous organization where Caring Cats NFT holders can become a part of the VIP group. This will allow them to interact with the founders directly. It will be a space where NFT holders can share their ideas, discuss future projects, and vote for decisions that the founders want to take. Many NFT enthusiasts want voting rights before investing. Caring Cats will provide that opportunity to become a part of the project.

● All NFT holders will receive 10% of the donations raised on the Caring Cats platform. That doesn’t mean you need to sell your NFTs. Instead, you can keep your NFTs and earn some additional money. 

● Presale will be live from 28 March, 2022 to 31 March, 2022.

According to NFT experts, this is a unique approach that would allow investors to make a handsome amount of money in the long run. But, most importantly, the project that the founders want to establish is also unique and would help millions of cats around the world. Caring Cats think about what other people usually don’t. This makes this NFT different from the others in the Polygon blockchain.

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