March 18, 2022

Abibeji crooner Tito Da Fire claims number 1 Spot

Tito Da Fire


By Esther Onyegbula

For everything one does in life, there must always be a yardstick or benchmark to measure if progress or impact is made.

When sonorous voice Tito professed not too long ago that his mission was to make music that transcends generations, not a few would have thought what could he be bringing to the table this time around.

Not only has he said it, but he is also actually walking the talk as his latest effort ‘Abibeji’ has further stamped his versatility on the music charts. His lyrical prowess came to the fore in the love song by making it a chart-topper on the Naija airwaves, even across the country. Abibeji which was beautifully done in a rich flow and mix of languages made it to the number 1 spot as its lyrical message connects effortlessly with the young and is very much appealing to the older generation who finds it relatable.

This remarkable acceptance is just so in tune with what the ebony artiste is poised to keep recording as he remains undeterred in ensuring to make a generational impact with his music.
Just keep your fingers crossed as Tito da. fire continues to wow music lovers while at the same time recording unprecedented success in the esoteric world of music.