Equipped with 24 tyres, helipad, swimming pool

TO most car freaks, knowing more about uncommon cars is what they look forward to and the recently revived customised Cadillac Limo fits into what they are looking for.

This restored Cadillac Limo does not have a part two in the world. It is the longest car that has everything you can hardly imagine: swimming pool, helipad, just name it. These are strange things you find in this 100 feet-long Cadillac with 24 tyres.

Originally built by Hollywood car customizer Jay Ohrberg, the revived limo has an uncommon history in the auto world. Apart from measuring 100 feet in length and the common features listed above, it took the new owners of the car about two and half years to put it back to life.

The story goes thus: Michael Manning, the president and director of Autoseum in Mineola, New York bought the limo about eight years ago after he found it rotting away behind a building somewhere in New Jersey. Dubbed the ‘American Dream’ by the earlier customiser, the new owners put the vehicle back to life using six different Cadillac Eldorado.

The limo which holds the record as the longest car in the world since 1990 was remeasured by the Genesis Book to recognise its status as the world’s longest car (100 feet and 1.5 inches long).

The new owner, via auction, Manning teamed with Mike Dezer, owner of Florida base car Museum and tourist attraction Dezer land are considering converting the limo into a battery-electric vehicle in future. This no doubt will crown the limo as world’s longest Electric vehicle.


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