Pat Utomi

By Fortune Eromosele, Abuja

Ahead of the 2023 general elections, former presidential candidate on the platform of the African Democratic Congress, ADC and political economist, Pat Utomi, Thursday, said Nigeria needs leaders and individuals who are restructured.

He stated this when he paid a visit to the ADC Secretariat in Abuja and briefed newsmen afterwards. He said emphatically that, “no leader should have the presidential seat if he or she does not have character.”

He alluded that the government does not have the best interest of Nigerians at heart, saying that youths still remain a pivot tool in rejigging the system and making democracy work.

“The government cannot be said to act most of the time in the interest of the Nigerian people. I can prove it with facts and figures, the evidence is there that the government does not act in the interest of the Nigerian people.

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“I can give you some examples. As we speak the young are unemployed, people are hungry, the streets are angry, touch peoples pockets, there is nothing in it and they have to still queue for fuel. Where is power? Governors are still flying in private chartered jets they don’t go on commercial planes, occasionally by accident if you see one,” he said.

Utomi bemoaned the negligence of the masses by the government, adding that it is what led to the creation of a coalition called the National Consultative Front, which is chaired by him. The Front, he said will return the government to the Nigerian people.

“The time has come to retire all these people from politics. The time has come to restore government to the Nigerian people. And because of this anxiety, it has encouraged the people of goodwill to found a coalition of interest.

“I will like to call the coalition, a coalition of the willing and the dispossessed. The willing are the thinkers who see where their country is going and want to stop the ultimate collapse. The dispossessed are those who the ruling coalition have chosen to keep away.

“The way this political class treat women is enough to retire all of them from politics. The youth, I know the youths of today are smarter than the youth of my time. And I know they are priding themselves to calling them lazy.

“The youth of today are not lazy, they are victims; victims of a generation that has not provided his shoulder for them to stand on and see tomorrow more clearly. And yet they create economies like a digital economy which is the only place that is attracting foreign exchange investment in Nigeria in many massive ways.

“Look at the entertainment industry, Nollywood, look at what the musicians are doing around the world, look at the Nigerian fashion, is this the youths that we call lazy? They are not lazy I assure you. They’ve not been provided opportunities because the lazy government has not created an enabling environment to provide jobs for these people, 10 years after graduation and people are still carrying CVs and having to do whatever they find?

“So to save Nigeria from all of these we have begun a process of trying to build this coalition that will provide an alternative platform, concerned parties have come together to build this coalition comprising of the youths, women, labour and the intellectuals, this is the coalition of 2023,” he stated.

On his part, the National Chairman of ADC, Chief Okey Nwosu, appreciated Utomi for his unrelenting support to the party and expressed optimism that the narrative will change.

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