By Ibrahim Hassan-Wuyo 

The National Co-ordinator “Got Your Back Nigeria”, Prof.  Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to intervene and bring to an end the crisis rocking the All progressive Congress ( APC).

Prof Nwaokobia Jnr , in a statement made available to Journalists, called on Mr President to protect the Party from rampaging power mongers and shield it from the manipulation of devious political buccaneers whose motivation was to get the APC Presidential ticket by all means possible.

He said Mr President must not allow the politics of 2023 to destroy the Party and by extension, the fabrics of democracy.

The statement read in parts:

“I wish I was much younger, there are a lot of things I would have done differently but for age.” sic. – President Mohammadu Buhari.

“The confusion of leadership in the All Progressive Congress, APC, is symptomatic of the ensuing battle between the forces of good and the forces insisting on the sustenance of the old but largely uneventful order. It is about 2023 and the resolve of the young progressive elements in the Party to take control of the Party for good and to give our nation more vibrant, competent and passionate watchmen and women come 2023”.

“Typical of everything human, there is in today’s APC the proverbial battle between light and darkness. The PDP is contending with theirs too. But my concern here is the battle and the conflict within my Party the APC. And my worry is how our dear President who is the leader of the Party navigate the waters and the contours before him, the Party and the nation. Beware of the Ides of March, Mr President, think about the legacy you so badly owe the nation and live true to the promise you made to leave Nigeria better than you met it”.

“I began this intervention with your regret regarding the ‘slowing down of the momentum of your watch by age. You have in a few fora admitted that if you were younger you would have done much better than you are doing today. In signing the NOT TOO YOUNG TO RUN BILL into Law you admitted that Nigeria is in dire need of young, vibrant, effective, efficient, effectual, competent and versatile young people. Mr President your greatest legacy will be to hand Nigeria to a leader that understands the urgency of now, not those who are simply driven by the desire to fulfil ‘an age-long ambition.”

“Mr President you have to protect the Party, the APC from rampaging power mongers and shield it from the manipulation of devious political buccaneers whose motivation is to get the APC Presidential ticket by all means possible. We must not allow the politics of 2023 to destroy the Party and by extension the fabrics of democracy. You owe the Party a dispassionate forensic analysis of the issues militating against the proper planning and conduct of a national convention. And you have to resolve the contradictions in favour of the forces of good, of progress, of patriotism, and of growth and development.”

“Mr President you owe the young people of the Party a huge responsibility, having severally confessed your faith and confidence in the Youths of the APC to deliver, the onus, therefore, is on you to fulfil the promise of handing Nigeria to a generation of leaders with competency, agility and capacity”.

“Mr President the urgency of now is profoundly manifest in the agitation of young people for a new deal come 2023. The Nigerian people, Youths and women alike are saying that much as we do not disparage or disdain old age, the time for a new Republic under the watch of young people is now. We are saying that one of your chief legacies will be to revolutionalize the face and the fabrics of our politics. You can do it Mr President”.

“Beware the Ides of March, Mr President. As we prepare for the National Convention of our great Party fixed for the 26th of March, do not fall to the devious machinations of those seeking power for the fun of it. Do not hand our party back to the hawks and their agents. Do not allow the forces of darkness to take hold of our Party. And do not give in to the blackmail of career politicians, indeed Mr President one of your greatest gifts to our dear country come 2023 will be to hand Nigeria over to a competent, agile, strong, and passionate leader whose capacity to govern will not be the subject of medical analysis or conspiracy theories”.

“May the Almighty grant you Mr President the courage, the candour and the capacity to redeem our dear Party, and the will to ensure that come to the National Convention of our great Party leaders with the will and the passion to steer the Party right emerge, and in the very end that our great Party produces candidates for the 2023 general elections whose capacity and competency to govern is topnotch. God Bless You, Mr President”.

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