By Victoria Ojeme and Bernard ozuanu

Three first Ladies on Tuesday advise Nigerian women to boycott 2023 general elections if their demands are not accepted.

The first ladies made this known while addressing the protesters at the gate of the National Assembly in Abuja during  the celebration of 2022 International Women Day along with other countries.

In her remarks, the First lady of Ekiti State  Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi, said, ” We are here to stand in solidarity with all Nigeria women, politics belong to all of us, this country belongs to all of us, 50% of citizens in this country are women we therefore demand that our rights be recognized, our rights to live as full citizens, our right not to die at child birth, our right to take leadership positions, our right not to leave in poverty,

“Our right not to suffer from gender base violence, we want our leaders who are in this building who we voted for, people like us campaigned in the rain the sun to vote them in we demand that they should recognize that Nigeria women matter anything less than that is unacceptable anything less than that is totally unacceptable, we are here on behalf of our forum to stand with you and tell you we are together on this journey.

Also, First lady of Edo State Betsy Obaseki , supported the women for their courage by standing out to fight for what belongs to them.

According her, “In Edo we say  ‘No woman no Nation’,  we also day that if you neglect a woman you lose election, the message the women are sending to you men especially those in the national assembly you neglect a woman and you lose election, because we women did not just carry you for nine months,.

“We took care of you and bringing you into this world, strengthen you and give you all the basic human needs, we now support you through your election, the women are the ones who vote more for the men, their biggest support is from the women, we are the ones who do campaign for them and when it is time for election we still go to vote for them, if you keep proper records you will notice that women are the ones who vote the most and when we vote we stay there and protect our vote.

Two years ago in Edo State,  it was the youth  and women that stood  by the Governor despite what was happening , others were coming with money to buy votes but by the grace of God and with these women and the youth, we won the election  but one thing we should also know again is that  not all men are bias We are here to speak for our women with the support of our husband .

“It is time we send out all the political leaders who vote against us out of power, we will make sure the men don’t come back.

In her address the FIRST LADY OF AKWA IBOM STATE Martha Udom Emmanuel

Said, “With my colleagues and all the women in Nigeria, we join our voice to say No Bad Governance .all we are asking for, is to give us 35% of party leadership. We are not asking much.

“We are asking the men that are meant to sign the bill to do it. We are not second class citizens; we are first class citizens as the men are.

” We have waited for them under rain and sun for them to recommit the bill and together as women  we must get what we are here for.


Condemned the impression motion that says a woman has no right to rule a nation.

According to her,  ” Anybody that tells you women cannot rule, it’s a lie. What are they afraid of, what is there to loose, as long as we don’t have 35% of women in party leadership Nigeria cannot be where it supposed to be, look at the women they are beautiful, they are energetic,

“We are intelligent, this is not a war it is an appeal to the national assembly, we are appealing to them to support the women, we are not asking for 50% in party leadership we are just asking for 35%.

” If we don’t appeal to them it will become worst in the national assembly and even house of representative, if we don’t take a step they will be no r9oom for women in 2023, so we have to stand up to them, appeal to them to pass the bills we have brought to them.

“They have just started and they have not seen anything yet, they need to accept that women are important and we are already making our input into the national process, this is not about women becoming men,

“we are talking about development of the Nigeria, men need to agree that women can play a role in national development, we are talking about security, development, employment when women get their it will be better, we are up to 50% percent of the population of this county, we want to tell the national assembly that if they leave us under the sun we will wait till they  ready to recommit the bill.

SAMSON UTODO, Co-founder of Yiaga Africa

He said,  “among the voters million of them are women. So one way or the other women are registering to vote at the next elections. But please we beg you lets punish this men that have voted no to woman bill by voting against them 20223 election, if they don’t reverse the way they voted last week,.

“For us as men and brothers we will continue to stand with you in the struggle and we are confident that they will be victory at the end of the day and the victory we want it is not just the national assembly apologizing to Nigerians, that is not the victory we want is this same national assembly, recommitting those bills and passing them with this particular process.

 “Please let them not tell us that there will be a second batch or a second face, they are trying to deceive you. The 2023 election is just months away, let them do it now. If they can pass bills on loan, if they can pass bills that benefit them, they can also recommit this bill. The same way they recommitted the electoral bill in one day, so they can recommit the women bill also in one day.


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