February 25, 2022

Why migration is good for Nigeria’s economy – Samuel Effiong

Why migration is good for Nigeria’s economy – Samuel Effiong

One of Nigeria’s Fastest Growing Immigration Consultancy and Traveling Agency, Travel Buddy NG which sets the record straights as they have successfully migrated Over 500 Nigerians to different countries around the world in 2021, speaks on the benefits of Migration.

The Agency which is a subsidiary of the Roosewood Group of Companies with a heavy presence in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and Lagos, Nigeria has migrated over 500 Nigerians to their dream locations and still have a wide range of clients who are willing to Migrate.

Travel Buddy offers Skilled Immigration to New Zealand, the UK, Canada, Australia, Poland and the United Arab Emirates on a residency and citizenship basis. The agency also offers citizenship by investment schemes to countries such as Cyprus, Bulgaria, St Kittis and Nevis, Dominica, Malta, Panama and St Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada and loads of travel advisories to Thailand, China, Singapore, Vietnam and other jurisdiction.

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Speaking on the benefits of Nigerians Migrating to developed countries, The Country Manager of Travel Buddy NG, Samuel Effiong, had this to say “During my years of Travelling the World, I can tell you that exposure and experience is the best teacher. It occurred to me that a lot of Nigerians who are skilled in different fields do not have the resources to compete with creative in different developed countries due to exposure.

One of the benefits of migrating out of Nigeria is the ability to learn and most especially come back to train others who do not have the opportunity. it brings so much joy to my heart to see the numbers of people we have been able to help with their migration puzzles. When it comes to immigration, you can’t just make claims and deceive people because it is a game of numbers. I am currently based in Dubai but I was born and brought up in Nigeria and I must say, as Nigerians, we struggle for everything that people in developed countries enjoy for free.

I always advise parents to at least try and make their kids go for vacations in developed countries for experience and education or better still migrate the whole family. Trust me, deciding to Migrate from Nigeria is one of the most important decisions you should take in your life. As the lead consultant in Travel Buddy, I will use this medium to implore you to reach out to us as we make migrating out of Nigeria an easy process for you.”

Travel Buddy Ng stands out compared to other travelling agencies due to their dynamism and committed team of professionals who speak dozens of languages in the world which enables them to give each client a personal and specialized consultation experience.