February 13, 2022

We ‘ll work with incoming Ezeagu LG chairman – Olo businessmen

We ‘ll work with incoming Ezeagu LG chairman – Olo businessmen

By Gabriel Olawale

Ahead of the forthcoming Local Government election in Enugu State, some selected businessmen in Olo ward 2, Ezeagu Local Government Area, have expressed their willingness, to Work with the incoming Leadership of the Local Government council, on infrastructural development, as their own way of giving back to the Society and encouraging good governance in the area.

The expression was made by a renowned business mogul and philanthropist in Ezeagu Local Government Area, Hon. Johnmary C. N. Anagolu, MD/CEO E & C Logistics Ltd (Easyway) during the visit of the Local Government Election campaign council of Enugu’s ruling People’s Democratic Party, (PDP) at his country home, Ogulogu-Olo in Olo Ward 2.

The campaign council, were on their tour of soliciting for support from the electorates at 3 wards in the Local Government council, which Includes, Okpogho, Olo ward 1 and 2,ahead of the February 23rd’s Enugu Local Government election.

Speaking while hosting the campaign team to a resounding merriment at his residence in his country home Olo, Hon Johnmary Anagolu, who is also the founder of Chudyvindo Foundation, an NGO saddled with the responsibility of helping the poor and empowering the youths, Stated that there is need for infrastructural development in the Local Government, especially on road construction, provision of pipe borne waters, Health centres amongst others.

He Stated that, notablebusiness men in Olo ward2, Ezeagu, are very ready to partner with the incoming Leadership of the council, on road construction, to help improve or creat access and motorble road for his people Ogulogo-Olo, his community.

Hon Anagolu posited that, they once contributed a sum of ₦16,000,000(Sixteen Million Naira) and met with the State Government to assist them with their own contributions, to rehabilitate Olo-Ogolulogo Road, but all their efforts were fruitless.

According to him, He said: ” I welcome you all to my residence and community in this crucial season of grassroot electioneering. I am gladdened to see a campaign team, full of young and vibrant people with great vision and willingness to Work, for the betterment of Ezeagu Local Government council”

” To me, I think what we need mostly in Ezeagu Local Government Area now, is massive infrastructural development, to compliment the rural development agenda and efforts of his Excellency, Rt Hon Ifeanyichukwu Lawrence Ugwuanyi ,in our council. In My own council’s ward, which is Olo ward 2, What we mostly need, are well constructed intra Village roads, to enable our people , have easy access to their farms and Other neighbouring communities” don’t forget that Ogulogu Olo is one of the top five food basket in Enugu state.

“Brothers, A Group of Businessmen/Youths from Ogulogu, Olo ward 2 had contributed a sum of ₦16,000,000(Sixteen Million Naira)and approached the state Government, as their counterpart funding, to help compliment the amount and rehabilitate the Ogulogu road, but we didn’t know what went wrong and our appeals were not responded to, as anticipated “

” That road is always intractable all season because, it is Both a conductor of Rain and dust during their seasons”

Hon Johnmary also posited that, businessmen in the area are ever ready, to Work with Both the State and Local Government, to execute Projects that would have unending impact on their people, and promote their welfares.

He called on the incoming Local Government council Leadership, to partner with them, on road rehabilitations across the council especially, that of Olo-Ogulogu, as it would have a lot of Economic advantages of the people.

“Ezeagu Business men are always ready to partner with the Government at all level to develop our side”

“We are willing to corroborate with the incoming Leadership of the council to rehabilitate our all season intractable Olo-Ogulogu road”

“We want our people to be happy, we want to help the Government with our own contributions to make this come to fruition”

He also reiterated the commitment of Ezeagu’s Businessmen in helping the administration of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, to achieve all her Progressive programmes for the entirety of the State.

Hon Anagolu also Thanked some notable Ezeagu Political Leaders such as :The Deputy Governor, Lolo Cecilia Ezeilo, the Chief of staff to the Governor, Dr Festus Uzo, The former House of Reps member, Hon Ogbuefi Ozomgbachi, State Assembly member of the constituency, Hon Chima Obieze, the incumbent Local Government council Chairman, Hon Marius Chukwudi Anih, amongst others, for their fervent works in making Ezeagu a Better place for all.

“I want to thank our Governor, His Excellency, Rt Hon Ifeanyichukwu Lawrence Ugwuanyi, for his numerous works in Enugu State”

“He has given Local Dwellers a voice in the State and have provided some basic needs for them”

“Ezeagu is not left out because, we have 2 core cardinal members of his Government and saying that, he is our own, will not be a bad idea or statement”

“Ezeagu Businessmen will always show solidarity and support to his Leadership”

“He has been leading us very well, but, answering our request on the rehabilitation of our Olo-Ogulogu Road, would be a Massive imprint on us”

“I want to also Thank our political Leaders such as the Deputy Governor, Lolo Cecilia Ezeilo, The Chief of Staff, Dr Festus Ụzọ, The Former House of Reps member, Ogbuefi Dr Fidelis Ọzọmgbachi, State Assembly member, Hon Chima Obieze, Hon. Steven Anibueze, SA to Governor on boundary matters, The Council Chairman, Hon Marius Chukwudi Anih, PDP Chairman Ezeagu Hon. Ozo Anayo Chude, Ezeagu West North Administrators Hon. Ugochukwu Obieze and the coordinator of Ezeagu North Hon. Okwudili Onuoha, the incoming Councilor Olo ward 2, Hon. Johnpaul Nwankwo amongst others, for leading Ezeagu well”

In his vote of Thanks, the 2022 Local Government election’s Campaign Director of the People’s Democratic Party PDP, Sir Ignatius Achụ, Thanked Hon Johnmary Anagolu for the warmth reception and moves to make his community and Ezeagu as a whole Better.

He Stated that, their Candidate, Hon Austin Chukwudi Ozoeluba, being a vibrant young person, with great vision for the council, will address all the issues raised, when elected as Chairman and equally, consolidate the developmental Projects done by their council’s out going Chairman, Hon Marius Chukwudi Anih.