February 25, 2022

The Bernadette Schaeffler Collection brings Luxe European Flair to International Consumers

The Bernadette Schaeffler Collection brings Luxe European Flair to International Consumers

“Luxury is the ease of a t-shirt in a very expensive dress,” once said the late German tastemaker Karl Lagerfeld, whose work at high-end fashion houses Fendi and Chanel has become an iconoclast of luxury itself.

For fellow German and high-end housewares and jewelry curator Bernadette Schaeffler, her countryman’s motto could not ring truer, as the creative brings a distinctly European luxe feel blended with modern comfort into her expertly sourced eponymous line, the Bernadette Schaeffler collection.

Featuring an extensive offering of premium goods ranging from home decor to handbags, the Bernadette Schaeffler Collection has become well-known on the international market for its commitment to elegance and style throughout all of its wares.

Between elevating everyday items like coffee machines (a household must for modern consumers) with fine calfskin and diamond accents and ornate crystal cocktail glasses, Schaeffler has mastered turning classic home comforts into bona fide luxury details, helping transform her patrons’ homes to the next level with trademark European craftsmanship.

“I personally select one-of-a-kind items from master craftsmen around the world,” revealed Schaeffler about her selection process.

Always committed to her passions, the Bernadette Schaeffler Collection similarly draws inspiration outside of Europe and from Schaeffler’s own chosen home of Dallas, Texas, hosting a number of high-end pieces with a uniquely Texan flair. Of course, given Schaeffler’s penchant for luxury, jewelry is no exception within the curated collection; the line features eye-catching color palettes and premium stones chosen specifically by Schaeffler for their timelessness. Recently expanding her jewelry offerings with the exclusive Bernadette’s Signature Jewelry Collection, Schaeffler has taken classic accessory silhouettes to the next level with her hand-picked vibrant stone choices.

Offering her self-designed line at an attainable price point in comparison to the market value of real precious gems, Schaeffler’s signature collection makes adding a luxurious and beautiful statement to any outfit accessible to the modern consumer.

With trends and fads constantly evolving the 21st-century marketplace, Schaeffler’s steadfast commitment to classic silhouettes with a contemporary and European twist has made the Bernadette Schaeffler Collection stand out from the pack, subverting industry expectations one carefully-curated piece at a time.