By Joy Mazoje

Habeeb Okikiola popularly known by his stage name as Portable, was featured in a recent examination held by the University of Ilorin. The exam question which focused on the singer’s Zazu lyrics was made a compulsory question for students of the department of mass communication to attempt 24 marks.

The question paper which has now gone viral came with an appendix that contained the full text of the singer’s lyrics for the song.

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Students were instructed to do an analysis of the pop song for 24 marks which was guided by a lengthy appendix.

The singer who came to the limelight with his hit song Zazoo Zeh was the centre focus for the number one question of an exam taken by students of the department of business management, Ekiti State University.

A photo of the examination question which emerged on social media showed that Portable’s question was made compulsory for examiners to attempt.

An international dancer and a co-artist in the hit song, Poco Lee, was featured alongside Portable in that particular question one.

“Use appendix 1 (the song’s) lyrics to critically analyze or prove a point about music being socio cultural and needing little to no expertise of the singer to be produced”


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