February 16, 2022

Omex Global- A new dawn in Oji River

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The good people of Enugu state are currently expectant of a new wave of growth and leadership at the third-tier level of government as the local government elections will be held to usher in the council chairmen, councillors and the people’s direct representatives.

The general political mood appears to be one of pure joy as the process leading to the selection of the candidates within the parties, particularly the PDP was one built on consensus and stakeholder engagements.

The peace-loving Governor of Enugu State, Rt Hon Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has earned accolades at all levels with the mode and manner he coordinated the process. This has made the main elections look more like a confirmation of the known largely due to the agreement by the citizens that all major considerations such as competence, local zoning, equity and justice made a part of the candidates’ selection mix.

This has made the main opposition party weak in advance as it postures more as observers in this very important electoral exercise of governance. The great people of Oji River Local Government Area are super excited about the emerging leadership and the proven capacity of the candidate of the
PDP, Hon Chinedu Onyeagba (Omex Global) to pilot the affairs of the local government in the coming years. The joyous disposition of the people can be greatly felt in the reception the PDP campaign train receives at every interaction with the communities that make up the area.Omex Global can be said to be the man who has paid his dues in full over the years in the areas of commerce, capacity building and humanitarian activities. His personal brand had evolved over the years to become synonymous with excellence.

The fact Omex Global has been a creator of private wealth over the years prior to his entry into the peaceful political climate of Oji River in particular and Enugu in general gives the people a great sense of
expectation that his time in office will lead to the creation of jobs and opportunities for the people of Oji Extraction. It is also expected that the coming years allows us all benefit from the host community status we have as various national and state establishments such as the power stations, police college and numerous federal and state educational institutions enjoy the Oji River hospitality that is like no other. This gives us hope that the incoming chairman
will liaise with these institutions and bodies to give our people a sense of participation and create more direct jobs.

The numerous natural resources of Oji River, though not in the direct control of the local government can be harnessed for the good of the people as we expect Omex Global to be the champion in the quest to attract both local and foreign investors and
make it really an ease in doing business in Oji River. Our incoming mayor must understand that money is discriminately and goes only where it is guaranteed to work efficiently. We must come together to make Oji River the new wealth capital of Enugu State. It is known state-wide that the human capacity of an Oji man is second to none. We are the standard for
quality and as the closest local government to the neighbouring state, Anambra, Oji River is set to benefit from the breath of fresh development air and new leadership energy from Akwa while we extract our due dividends from Lion Building in Enugu. Its on this note that I wish Omex Global the very best as he emerges the Mayor of Oji River. I implore him to hit the
ground running and serve the people with sincerity and purpose. May history be kind to the new mayor as his performance in the office will be the springboard for more service to the people in Oji River and beyond.

Written by Netochukwu Geoffrey Nwokolo Esq, indigene of Ugwuoba in Oji River Enugu State.