February 26, 2022

Husband snatching saga: Iyabo Ojo, Aramide fight dirty on Instagram Live

Husband snatching saga: Iyabo Ojo, Aramide fight dirty on Instagram Live


Hell broke loose last weekend when Yoruba actress, Iyabo Ojo and her rival businesswoman, Aramide Arasky Onigbinde threw shades at each during an Instagram Live session over a husband snatching allegation.

Aramide is said to have called out Iyabo Ojo on social media, warning the actress not to wish her ex-husband, Orlando Don Porosky ‘happy birthday’. This is because  she’s  been suspecting  that the latter whom she claims to be her friend is dating her ex-husband.

But the actress ignored the warning as she went ahead to celebrate the man, an action that sparked a war of words between the two adults on social media.

Following the dirty fight, the warring women were summoned via Instagram Live session, courtesy of Zara Media TV to hear from them.

Ojo claimed that she was never close to Aramide, adding that she knew her through a friend of hers called Mabel. She also narrated how she got involved in her marital issues years back after, revealing that she was asked to intervene in her marital issues because of her influence.

“Aramide is not my friend”, she began. “Rather, she continued, “she’s a friend to my friend. And that does not make her my friend. One of my friends, Sharon, sent me all the chats she had with her, where she said that people were trying to cause trouble between them, telling her that I am dating her ex-husband. I don’t know who these imaginary people are. That Orlando comes to the Lounge, does it mean I am pimping him or introducing him to someone to date.

Aramide’s friend, Mama Esabod ,however, challenged Ojo, insisting that she has no right to be close to her friend’s ex-husband for whatever reasons.

On this, the actress denied dating Aramide’s ex-husband, adding “nobody has the right to tell me who I should be close to and who I shouldn’t be to.”

Speaking further, the actress noted that in as much as she’s not ready to embarrass or stop Aramide’s ex-hubby from visiting her Lounge, she has no business going to his house or introducing anybody to him to date.

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“I don’t go to his house as well as he doesn’t come to my house. I don’t call him and he doesn’t call me.”

“If he celebrates my birthday, or attends my events, I have the right to celebrate him back. That’s exactly what the problem is here,” the actress stated.

Meanwhile, when Aramide joined the Live session, she snapped at Ojo, warning her to let her past remain her past.

Her words: “I am not supposed to be here to be honest. I don’t owe anybody any explanation. Iyabo Ojo, you are still talking about my past. Leave my past alone. All the things you are saying about me happened in 2019.”

“My God will vindicate me in the sense that if I have anything against you being Orlando’s friend. Let God punish and destroy me. When people told me that you were dating Orlando, I said it was not possible. Nobody can bring me down because I have changed my life. God redeemed my image and I am working on myself. I am not there yet, but I will get there.”

“This is my own storm, everybody has his or her own storm. I made a mistake, why are you bringing back my past. Those were my past and it wasn’t intentional. God left my past and gave me a new name. I am not fighting for marriage, people don’t even understand that.”

“Look at the post I made about Orlando, I didn’t indicate that he’s my husband but everyone was abusing me, telling me to leave Orlando alone. You will face it and your children will also face it. Even if I don’t leave Orlando, it will take time. This is a marriage of 18 years. He said he doesn’t want the marriage anymore. I am not forcing him and my children know this. I want a better life for my kids, I don’t want my children to grow up with hatred and that’s why I am fighting for them.”

“I am not fighting for my marriage, I am fighting for my children. I knew you were going to celebrate Orlando on his birthday. I am human and we have a big problem. Those were my past, but my past is better than everything about you.”

Aramide and Orlando are said to be officially separated but the connection seems to be there. Their 18 years marriage crashed a few years back after they couldn’t resolve their marital crisis. Rumours are rife that Orlando is spoiling to take another wife, and nobody knows who the lucky woman is likely to be.

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