By Kingsley Agwuma

From Asa’s 2019 album “Lucid” to this point before releasing “Mayana”, her 2022 debut single alongside “Ocean” before the release of her fifth studio album V, Asa has been engaged with a plethora of music tours which in turn fosters the promotion of her records as well as it bonds her fans strongly to the music.

Asa has had a range of experiences that cuts across her life recently, it is where the strength of V, her fifth LP is drawn. However, when a creator consistently focuses on telling a particular story continuously, and when listeners (music Journalist and critics) notice it and unveil the story for what it is, it could be that creator’s current reality and perhaps they’ve become vulnerable to channel or express it through their art.

According to Agwuma Kingsley from Unusual’s Newsletter, after Asa’s newly released single “Mayana” earlier this year, he described the record as Asa being in love, it sounds like the phase she is currently in; waving through as she expresses with the music. Meanwhile, it is the same place her fifth studio album V, comes from to expose how much her thoughts have been established in catharsis.

The power of Asa’s music is in her spontaneous use of strings combined with her vocal opulence alongside its striking unity and cohesiveness on a range of sonic experiences. She is a genius. Indeed.

V carries a slight innovation that cuts across Asa’s artistry. She has always been known for music realism attached with pickable and relatable storytelling plus immersive songwriting which has bagged her numerous recognition. Asa’s listeners and demography are for a more mature set, now she taps into expansion.

She is a great musician and no one can take that from her, however, V tends to relate more with the growing market and the evolving listeners of the musical soundscape in Nigeria.

While the project can still penetrate another music hemisphere beyond local terrain, Asa becomes vulnerable and seem obsessed with the one she loves. Perhaps in the cause of her life, she has been with the special one to call her own. Meanwhile, Asa hasn’t unearthed what the letter V stands for off her fifth studio album. I speculate that it might be the opening name of the one she loves and want to spend the rest of her life with.

All tracks on the album are good. She dwelt more on love which seemed like her dominant thought, driving through its cause on almost the entire project. She spent a little moment talking about other topics love far apart. Topics like friendship with the input of The Cavemen on “Good Times”, also diversify her thoughts alongside the Ghanaian’s sweetheart Amaarae. The record also cuts across emotional entanglement and the wave of love that needs another to carry on. All she ever wanted is to spend time with her lover, this is what she continually asked for alongside Amaarae’s effort.

While Wizkid’s input on “I Don Go” is expansive and talks about the importance of living in the moment, giving regards to God as well. Wizkid’s effort was lively and the chemistry was good, it’s worth it enough and compliments the fact that this two have promised to make music together. Lovely combination.

“Nike” still carries catharsis. However, Gen Z folks can still love, promote, and relate with it for the theme’s sake. “Mayana”, and “Ocean” which carries input from the amazing singer Wurld, are also expansive. It can blow up even more with the help of TikTok.

“Morning Man” alongside is good as it carries love with it just like “Show Me Off” where Asa requests that her man takes her to the world to let them know she’s the one he loves as she does too. “Believer” and every other record held the same essence as love. Meanwhile, V is more like an expression of Asa’s dominant thought, it is love. In either way, perhaps she has found the beautiful thing (love) or is requesting that it finds its way through her window.

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