February 17, 2022

Feed the Kids Initiative set to establish Community Kitchens to feed 100k Children annually

Feed the Kids Initiative set to establish Community Kitchens to feed 100k Children annually

Feed the kids initiative is a non-governmental organization that develops and empowers children by providing nutritional meals, snacks, liquids and values enabling their minds to dream thereby restoring their reason for life and a sustainable future.

According to Sanni Sheriff, President , Feed the Kids Initiative, the vision of the organization is for children to have the ability to pursue their dreams and aspirations without having to worry about basic needs like food, shelter and education and their mission is to be a major pioneer of poverty alleviation, hunger eradication and children empowerment.

This Organization has  successfully distributed over 50,000 lunch packs for the less privileged Children
in Lagos , Federal Capital Territory Abuja and Kwara States respectively where their feeding programme is currently running. Feed the Kids Initiative has also provided educational support for over 200 children in underserved communities since  inception.  

Feed the Kids Community Kitchen Programme

Feed the Kids Community Kitchen is a community development project which aims to empower extremely vulnerable families in very poor communities by setting up Food businesses”Local Canteens” for them from start to finish. The proceeds generated are then used to sustain their families and also provide food for the vulnerable children in the community weekly. The Organization intends to give each community Kitchen the responsibility of providing food for a number of children between the ages of 2-15 weekly. We have 2 currently operational in Lagos and Abuja. Our goal is to establish 20 Community Kitchens in each state which includes Lagos, Abuja and Kwara States respectively.

Feed the Kids Feeding Model

This is where their highly-skilled team and dedicated volunteers will come to prepare and cook nutritious meals for children across the community.

Their team will work hard to achieve a home-cooked meal experience and to offer food choices that appeal to the children . Menus are planned a month in advance, with adjustments made based on the availability of new and fresh ingredients. Each nutritious meal is “made from scratch”

Providing Nourishment
Throughout the school year, the community kitchens will feed children between the ages of 2-15 weekly.

According to UNICEF, About 2½ million Nigerian children are starving and only about 20 per cent of them get help.
“In Nigeria, 5 in 10 children under five are malnourished –stunted, wasted or overweight, while 3 in 10 children aged 6 to 23 months live on poor diets.
“Nigeria has the second-highest burden of stunted children in the world, with a national prevalence rate of 32 per cent of children under five.
“An estimated 2 million children in Nigeria suffer from severe acute malnutrition – SAM, but only two out of every 10 children affected is currently reached with treatment.
“Seven per cent of women of childbearing age also suffer from acute malnutrition,” it stated.
Though UNICEF noted that child hunger in Nigeria is declining by about 3 per cent per year. It was quick to say the rate of severe acute malnutrition, the technical term for starvation, remains unchanged.

All Year-round, their daily meals will be cooked, flash-chilled, and individually packaged at the Community Kitchen .These single-serving meals are customized for a variety of dietary restrictions, preferences and requirements, without sacrificing the Community Kitchen’s commitment to quality and use of the freshest ingredients. Fresh meals for our recipients are prepared five days a week. With a focus on fresh, everything made in the Community Kitchen is from scratch.

Sourcing Raw materials

According to the Founder/President Sanni Sheriff. He said they will also be working with local farmers to source fresh produce which will be incorporated into our meals prep.

“ Nothing is done in small measures in our Community Kitchen”
When you eat good, you feel good and a healthy community benefits us all. All of their meals will include a healthy balance of nutritious food*

They are seeking support from more Corporate organizations to partner with them through their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programmes and also the general public

Giving back to the community through Feed the Kids Initiative will help your organization build stronger relationships with your existing customers and gain new ones.