February 24, 2022

Damilola Shobowale, CAO, Mc Midas Set to Launch CTK Foundation

Damilola Shobowale, CAO, Mc Midas Set to Launch CTK Foundation

Damilola Shobowale, the CAO of Mc Midas Integrated Limited, is set to officially launch Clothe The Kid (CTK) Foundation, a non-profit organization with the sole aim of engaging in life-changing events.

The launch will be taking place on February 26, 2022. The mission of the foundation, according to the entrepreneur, is to aid underprivileged children having difficulties meeting up with their various needs.

While speaking on the motive behind the initiative, Shobowale said that the drive to create the CTK foundation came when she birthed her son as she had to share his clothings with other children out of her genuine care and love for kids in disadvantaged positions.

She said: “CTK foundation started when I birthed my son, there were clothes that he couldn’t wear because he was very big. Instead of selling those clothes, I decided to reach out to children that are in need and before I knew it, people supported this good cause and CTK foundation was born.

“I am very elated about this launch. I am very passionate about children because they embody the hope and promise of a thriving Nigeria that will lead the African continent for generations to come. We will reach out to as many children particularly in the community where poverty is rife in many households and give out clothes, shoes, school materials, books, toys, nutritional foods and so many basic things to put a smile on their faces and to help them thrive.

“Poor nutrition in children is a global problem that affects Nigeria and that is why I started this foundation to raise awareness and help to progressively ensure that children in underserved communities live a better life.,” Shobowale said.

Speaking further, the CAO of Mc Midas Integrated Limited, urged members of the public to donate to the foundation to feed and clothe the hungry and less privileged children.

“We are receiving donations, including food items, clothing, and cash. This will boost our efforts at reaching a large number of children, who are in need,” she said.

“With people like you and I, no matter how little, we can ensure that the underprivileged are well supported. We can do this, you can do this, I can do this, and together we can do this.”

Damilola Shobowale is a serial entrepreneur and seasoned scaffolder. She runs a haulage business and is also a vocal advocate of children’s rights. A passionate change agent and humanitarian fuelled by real life situations of children living in underserved communities, she strongly believes in creating a better future for the generations to come.