February 11, 2022

CSOs blame FG over importation of adulterated fuel


…demand investigation, punishment of perpetrators

…as ActionAid’s CD narrates ordeal

By Gabriel Ewepu

AS Nigerians grapple with economic hardship, Civil Society Organisation, CSOs, Friday, blamed the Federal Government over importation of adulterated Premium Motor Spirit, PMS, also known as fuel into the country recently.

Speaking with Vanguard, they expressed pain over the damage importation of adulterated fuel that has caused problems to Nigerians and the economy within this short time of its distribution and consumption.

FG not telling Nigerians truth about adulterated fuel-AAGDI

The Executive Director, Adopt A Goal for Development Initiative, Ariyo-Dare Atoye said, “In this circumstance, we cannot trust the executive to tell us the truth; the National Assembly must set up an investigative panel to probe and unravel this unconscionable importation of bad fuel.

“We demand that everyone involved in this threat to national security must be unearthed, charged for biochemical and economic terrorism and brought to justice swiftly.

“Nigerians must resist any attempt to sweep this unfortunate development under the rug, and we in the CSO community must sustain the pressure to ensure the culprits are punished.

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“It is unacceptable that in this age and time, our country cannot ensure quality control and effective monitoring of fuel importation.”

Importation of bad fuel shows Nigerians in dangerous times-CN

The Convener, Concerned Nigerians, CN, Deji Adeyanju, said, “The importation of adulterated fuel into the country by the APC-led government is no shock, and we told Nigerians that this government will be the worst government ever.

“It has never been this bad before, and if you look at the level of adulterated fuel that this people imported into the country shows that they are determined to kill Nigerians.

 “These are the people that criticized the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, for all kinds of reasons including increasing fuel price, and they have increased fuel price; criticized PDP for fuel subsidy but they have increased fuel subsidy than any other government, and they have done more to the economy.

“It is just unfortunate that people who preached change have now turned out to be the worse oppressors, tolerant in the history of the country.

“It is unfortunate and regrettable that Nigeria is in a bad place, and this should serve as a warning to people who need messiahs, and there is no ‘Messiah’ anywhere.”

Bad fuel caused nightmare,  shattered our journey for 2 days-Ene

However, the Country Director, ActionAid Nigeria, Ene Obi, narrated her ordeal after buying the adulterated fuel.

Obi said, “he issue of adulterated fuel I experienced it about a week and few days ago. I encountered it on a trip, and I have to bring down my tank twice. When I brought down the tank I filtered it and there was a lot to water.

“So what they are saying is real. It really shattered my trip for two days; to get the vehicle repaired, the fuel pump had issue, brought it down and we tried other filling station it had the same problem, which we were told that the filling station we went was supplied fuel by the same company, and it was a nightmare because of what we went through.

“I just hoped that other people don’t experience it. The fuel we bought as adulterated fuel took us to some distance and we managed to make a u-turn to stop somewhere which we had the tank brought down the second time. I experienced it and is real because other people also experienced.”