Prophet Collins Timothy

By Moses Nosike

Considering the rate of unemployment in the country and the need to reduce crime wave, youth restiveness and promote national development, the Founder, Olive Mountain of Prayers & Praise Ministries International, Prophet Collins Timothy has advised the government to set up more industries, factories to absorb some of our youths roaming around the streets without job. He said that  most times major challenges facing youths is lack of adequate jobs.

In this media chart with journalist in Lagos, the young gospel preacher has advised our leaders from the Biblical point of view what needed to be done if Nigeria must attain social, national and economic growth. He also declares his position on the churches in Nigeria.

Answering question on how  Nigeria can achieve a good leadership, Prophet Timothy said, “For leadership in Nigeria, we needed to pray unto God. If you watch very clearly, the people that are rulling us right from the onset are still the ones rotatively rulling and are still rulling the country.

We cannot get good leadership from them. They have tried severally, they have failed severally. I think it’s a high time to come with one mind, spirit and pray, so that God will raise up somebody. Those ones who had been on that seat for years, have not given us any good thing. And when we look at one thing, there is something that always happen. Division among the people who still want to rule is the problem.

Imagine where an Igboman wants to come out for leadership, before you know it, 20 other people will start dragging for one post. But if they can work with one mind with others agree to support one candidate to represent them they can be there. The Yorubas can come out and present one candidate and ensure that their candidate gets there, the same thing with the Hausas. If the Igbos can be able to make up their mind in this form they will stand a good chance. But why is everybody wants to be a president? Because of their selfish interest, not that they want to provide the people good leadership”.

When asked if the insecurity in Nigeria can be traced to bad leadership, he said Yes! Reason being that those who didn’t win election instead of them to support the one that won, they will be frustrating him and creating problems for the one ruling so that he will fail. Do you know that together we stand, divided we fall. For instance, as Buhari is on the seat, if others around him could support him in handling issues partaining to welfare of the people and push for good governance, we will have good leadership in the country.

Youth unemployment, crime and drug adicts….

It’s not the issue of government but individual. Before now when the issue of high living taste had not started worsening in the country, some of our youths join commercial buses to be a conductor to earn a living. Some go around to pick waste and sell. Some do other handcrafts to earn a living. They never stole, they never killed nor murdered anybody.

When we never had internet people were still living and succeeding. It’s a high tast of a man’s life that leads him astray. When a man is being carried away by the things of life they will go into all kinds of things according to the book of James 1:14-15. They are being carried away because of lost. Some people are brought up in a family where obedient is the problem. If you keep your head and become obedient to yourself, you will be successful in life.

Again, it is not that there is no job, some of our youths are lazy. President Buhari said it and people were against him. Those who are lazy are the ones that end with drugs. Any little money that enters their hands they want to drink, take to drugs that can destroy their lives. They don’t think of tomorrow. That is the way they make their bed so they lie on it. It’s not all the blame of government, it is a personal discipline.

 If he or she desciplines himself, he will live a good life. The drugs didn’t fly into him, nobody forced drugs on him, it’s individual decision.

Discussing on the church in Nigeria, the prophet said that one of the problems and also the good thing about the church in Nigeria is that we have the ones that God called and those who called themselves. It is in two ways. Those who are called do the real work they are sent for and they must not do anything outside righteousness, holiness, purity and sincerity.

While those who called themselves go dabolitical means in order to lift up things. Church is not meant for business purposes, it’s  meant to win souls for Christ, nurture the soul and let them know that heaven and hell is real. Today, the vision is all over churches, in the sense that we preach our own doctrine, the way it suits us, we don’t preach the way it suits everybody.

When you preach the way it suits everybody, you know that everybody is one. Just like Olive Mountain of Prayers & Praise Ministries Int’l, some people will come here and God will handle their case, and some of them would confess that they have suffered visiting some fake churches, but I let them know that you might even be at the right church it doesn’t mean it’s fake, but one of the things you have to understand is that it is not the church, but your onw faith matters, commitment matters, your sincerity with God matters, and you don’t speak against men of God. Another challenge of the church is division.

On the increasing number of churches and also increase in crime in our society, he said, “I want to take Olive Mountain Church as an example, sometimes some youths even married people will come in, when they misbehave and you rebuke them, they will tell you that church is everywhere.

But here what we preach is righteousness, holiness and purity, and when you are preaching that kind of gospel message, they will tell you, they don’t like that kind of church. They want to go where they are preaching doctrines they want to hear. That is the problem. That is why the book of Phillipians 1:15 said, some preach they way it will suit them. Some preach goodwill message while others preach in the modern it will suit them.

Today many don’t preach the real gospel message, they preach it the way it will suit their listeners and you see people trouping in those areas because nobody rebukes them when they do eveil. That is why crime is increasing. Churches are everywere but are they preaching what the Bible said they should preach? If you preach the pure word of God evil will reduce in the society.

How did you answer your call?

I came from a christian home where my father is Rev. An incident happened that my father was 8 years old when his father wanted to beat him and he ran into a church. His father seeing him ran into the church said he had dashed him to the Rev. of that church.

Meanwhile, he is the only son of his father, so my father grew under the umbrella of God. But it happens that we are 8 males and we are all ministers. I can say that because while I was in the womb, God picked me. When I was born and started growing up, I discovered that I do see visions of things and I would relate it to my mum who happens to be someone who sees as well.

And she was guiding my footstep. At times things would happen and later when it happens again, I would say this thing had happened before, why is it repeating again? With time I came to understand that the one I saw before was a vision of it. Now it’s real that’s happening because I couldn’t be able to control, but with time it continues, and that is how it came about.

When I didn’t want to answer this call, I ran away thinking I can hide from God, but I ended up in ritualist net. They killed everybody that was in that bus they carried us to their den, but God delivered. So, getting myself after the incident was in the hospital when I was brought in naked and my tongue was out, spit was qushing out of my mouth, my eyes were all white as the story was told. No breathe, and they rushed me to the hospital and I spent six to seven days in coma. That was when God now said to me, the call I call you, you now have to answer it.

Before then, I had accident on my eyes, niddle pieced it, water came out of it. I attended many eye clinics lokking for cure but no way. During that period, one prophet Aminu came to me and told me that God said He will heal my eyes and he saw me using my eyes playing instrument for God, if I surrender. So I went to Bible School, and there I was when my eyes opened on its self.

After the Bible school I ran again that I was not going to do this work. I considered pastoring work as a lazy man work. So, I said let pastors be doing it I will be supporting them. That was what happened till I ended up in ritualist den that led me fully to this work, and that was when I had communication with God and He asked me to go and do His work and I agreed. That day I recovered from coma, which was on Sunday, Wednesday we started fellowship, that is how this church came to be.


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